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46 Killed, Over 1000 Homes Destroyed In Wild Forest Fires

Micheal Chukwuebuka, Reporting 

CHILE President Gabriel Boric, on Saturday evening, said, at least 46 people have been killed by forest fires raging the country, adding that the number of victims will likely rise.

Interior Minister Carolina Tohá, in a press conference Saturday, said there are 92 active fires burning that have affected more than 43,000 hectares.

Tohá further revealed that more than 1,100 homes have already been impacted.

In a virtual address, Boric acknowledged the loss of life and homes and promised Chileans that the government was actively working to provide resources.

“I know that it is a very difficult time to lose the house that was built with so many years of sacrifice.

“Losing a family member, a loved one, is a heartbreak impossible to measure, but rest assured that our government is deployed with all the human, technical and budgetary resources,” president Boric said.

Stonix News gathered that the fires triggered evacuations in several regions of central Chile.

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Our source, NBC News, reported that Boric declared a state of emergency, and red alerts were issued for at-risk areas.

Nineteen helicopters and more than 450 firefighters have been brought into the area to combat the blazes.

Also, all mass commercial events in Valparaiso were suspended, including sporting, recreational and cultural events, in order to focus efforts on the fires.

“Every time there is a massive events, that means a demand for security teams and authorities who are distracted from what is central today.

“That is why we need there to be no distraction,” Tohá said.

A curfew was extended for the towns of Quilpué, Viña del Mar, Linache and Villa Alemana to allow clearer routes for operational teams to maneuver and for evacuations to take place.

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