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Anniversary: It’s Stock-taking Time For Itsekiri – Ologbotsere

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

THE Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom and Chairman of the Warri Council of Chiefs, Chief Engr. Oma Eyewuoma, has said the Second Coronation Anniversary of the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, is actually a moment for stocktaking and deep retrospection in Iwere land.

He disclosed this on Wednesday after announcing a 10-day activity lined up for the Oyo-Ekoro Second Coronation Anniversary of His Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse III, Olu of Warri Kingdom, at the Palace Main Auditorium on Wednesday, at Aghofen (palace), Ajamimorha, Warri.

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Middle: Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom and Chairman of the Warri Council of Chiefs, Chief Engr. Oma Eyewuoma

Fielding questions from journalists after his address, Eyewuoma said the Olu of Warri desires the celebration does not end up as a mere Jamboree without reflecting the true essence of the people.

“We do not want the celebration to end in merriment only. The essence of this anniversary should be for stocktaking for the Itsekiri nation. What have we set for ourselves for this year?

“So next year, we’d then ask ourselves, which of our set goals have we achieved? Which are pending? If we succeeded, we’d be happy, if we didn’t achieve some of our set goals, we’d ask ourselves why?

“And during our sober reflection, we’d correct it ahead of the next year because we have so much that we can exploit for the benefit of not only Iwere people, but the whole Nigerians.

“So, the message is for all Iwere sons and daughters to roll up our sleeves and face the challenges, such as economic and resource and food challenges. How are we going to pursue our own challenges so that we can show how we can use our resources to develop ourselves and show examples to others and also to copy what others have done well both locally and internationally.

“The target is to change how we are progressively so we can stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world.”

When asked to speak on gains and pains being on the throne in the last two years, the Ologbotsere, who was flanked by other members of the Warri Council of Chiefs, said in all human society where leadership struggles to make life better, there will be challenges, adding Ogiame being a progressive king with immense love for his people, has been successful so far.

Speaking further on the 10-day activity which will take place at Aghofen (palace) and Itsekiri (Big Warri), the ancestral home of Iwere people, kicking off on Friday August 18, 2023, he said: “I am very happy to address this press conference on activities and events lined up the OYO-EKORO 2ND CORONATION Anniversary of His Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR, Olu of Warri.

“Warri kingdom as you all know was founded in 1480 by Olu Ginuwa I. Aside the 88 years interregnum, Warri Kingdom has had 21 Monarchs.

“His majesty Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR is the 21st Monarch to rule Warri Kingdom. He is the Grandson of Olu Erejuwa II and the son of Olu Atuwatse II CON.

“He was crowned on 21st August 2021- thus his Coronation Anniversary comes up every year on 21″ August.

“There are events that preced the Anniversary day proper, please permit me to unveil all the activities lined up for this year which starts from18th August 2023-27th August 2023. Ten days of intense activities to mark this year Anniversary, which is 2nd Anniversary of Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR on the prestine throne of Warri Kingdom.

“The events and activities line up will take place here at the palace (Aghofen) and Ode Itsekiri (Big Warri) the ancestral home of Iwere Nation.

“Highlights of this year’s coronation Anniversary which kicks off on the 18th August 2023 is Praise Day.

“His Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR, The Olu of Warri and the entire Itsekiri Nation, friends and well wishers, will turn out en-mass to commit the 2nd coronation Anniversary to Almighty God with Praise and Worship for Peace and Tranquility in Warri Kingdom.

“His Majesty, Ogiame Atuwatse III CFR, will confer Chieftaincy titles on deserving Sons and Daughters of Warri Kingdom.

“Traditional homage paying has always been an integral part of Coronation Anniversary in Warri Kingdom, it will feature in this year celebration.

“Ghigho Aghofen Ceremony is also inclusive in 2nd Coronation Anniversary billed for 26th of August 2023.

“Finally a special anniversary thanksgiving service will come up on 27th August 2023 to mark the end of the 2nd Anniversary Celebration.

“I therefore, call on all Itsekiri Sons and Daughters globally, Friends and Well-wishers of Warri Kingdom to come out en-mass to be part of this event.” He added.

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