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Anyone Sitting At Home On Sunday Not Coming To Church Because Of Covid-19 Is His Own Problem – Adeboye

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

Renowned cleric and General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has declared that Christians absenting themselves from God’s presence in churches because of receding Covid-19 are their own problems not the scourge.

The gentle preacher  gave the verdict on Sunday at the RCCG National Headquarters, Ebute-Meta, Lagos, Nigeria, while ministering on the theme: “Supernatural Elevation” at the May Thanksgiving Service.

The octogenarian said he was at Europe recently to minister in churches and to his chagrin, the congregants were hardly wearing nose masks.

According to him, the gesture meant that the people there had hung their faith in God Who has kept them till date.

He urged his children to stop being afraid of the devil, but warned against non-challance as regards Covid-19 protocols.

“I have one or two things to say. This is about you not anything else. I’ve just returned from Europe.

“And people came from more than 40 European nations. It was very successful and they asked me to greet you since you’re the mother.

“But I discovered that the churches where I ministered there the churches were packed. They were all there.

“And you know what, I’m not sure I saw up to two people wearing nose masks. What does that tell you?

“They’ve made up their minds that ‘if God has kept us thus far, He’s able to keep us till the end,” he noted.

Speaking further on the Covid-19 scourge, the Ifewara-born cleric said if based on what he read concerning deaths arising from malaria in Nigeria in 2021 alone, then Covid-19 is a child’s play.

“And then I read in the newspapers some days ago that the number of people who died in Nigeria from malaria in 2021 is about 200,000.

“The number of persons Covid-19 has killed is barely 2,000. So which one is more deadly? Coro or malaria?

“You know I have been telling you since 2020 that God assured me when I cried to him and He said ‘Son, I have heard your cry; only those whose time has come will die.’

“How many of you remember I told you that? If Malaria is killing 200, 000 and Coro has not been able to kill 2,000, I think malaria is more deadly than Corona virus,” he opined.

He, therefore, urged people, especially the youth, to return to church – there’s Father’s, and stop absconding from church God’s gatherings for fear of contracting Covid-19.

“The traditional rulers said that a dirty woman using the death of her husband as an excuse for not taking her bath, is a dirty woman.

“Anyone you see sitting at home on Sundays claiming that he is not coming to church because of Covid-19, he is the problem and not Covid-19.

“If you are old or you have problem with movement, I can understand.

“But any young person staying away from the gathering of God because of what he or she thinks, is disobeying direct instruction from God.

“The instruction that says ‘you must not abandon the gathering together of one another,” it was God who said so. You must gather together as brothers.

“David said, ‘I was glad when they unto me, let’s go into the house of the Lord. He didn’t say he was afraid.

“So all of you young ones sitting down at home and watching me now on television, you may have to answer to God next time.

“You know my definition of young ones; anyone older than I is old and anyone younger than I is young. I am only 80 years old.

“So next time you see where children of God are gathering together, come. If you want to wear your mask, fine.

“God told me right from the beginning, ‘Son, Corona Virus will subside but it’s not going away.’

“Malaria has been around for long, Ebola came but it subsided; has it gone away? No.

“Some of us don’t even want to hear about the Corona Virus again.

“Safety is of the Lord. I have told you to be careful. You know how much I love hygiene. How particular I am about sanitation.

“Be careful and learn from all the lessons. But stop fearing the Devil,” he warned.

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