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‘Boat Mishap Kill 7 Mexican Migrants’ — Officials 

Micheal Chukwuebuka, Reporting

SEVEN of the eight people who lost their lives when two boats capsized off the San Diego coast were Mexican migrants, officials confirmed on Monday.

Stonix News recalled that on Saturday 11th, two boats reportedly capsized in a shallow but turbulent surf off the San Diego coast where eight people on board lost their lives.


The Mexican consulate in San Diego, during a news release, confirmed that the identification of the deceased was based on the records found on the recovered bodies.

Although, the consulate did not provide ages, genders or other information about the people killed in the migrant smuggling operations off U.S. waters, but rescue authorities said all were adults.

A Spanish woman who called 911 said she was among eight people on a vessel that reached shore, adding that 15 other people were on another boat that overturned.


Mexico’s consul general in San Diego, Carlos González Gutiérrez, on Monday, warned against the perilous trip.

“People planning to cross the bother into the United States, either by land or sea, should know that human smugglers will take advantage of their need in order to obtain illicit money, distorting reality, creating false expectations, and exposing them to high-risk conditions where they may lose their lives,” he said.

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