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Chile Extends Emergency Declaration Over Wildfires

Michael Chukwuebuka, Reporting

CHILE has extended an emergency declaration to another region on Saturday 4th, following the raging wildfires that have, within the past few weeks in the country, claimed several lives and destroyed properties.

The government declared a state of catastrophe in the La Araucanía region, south of Ñuble and Biobío, two central-southern regions where the emergency declaration had already been issued.


Stonix News gathered that at least 22 people have died in connection to the fires and no fewer than 554 have been injured, including 16 in serious conditions.

According to the country’s Interior Minister, Caroline Tohá, the death toll is likely to rise as there has been reports of 10 people missing.


The relentless efforts of firefighters and military officials, who were stationed at various areas, combating the flames, have been commended by the government and citizens, as some residents at various burning areas volunteered by provided supplies for the officials.


A Bolivian pilot reportedly died when the helicopter he was piloting exploded while trying to combat the flames, alongside a Chilean mechanic.

The Interior Minister, Caroline Tohá, during a news conference on Saturday night, said :

“The thermometer has reached points that we have never known until now.


“The evolution of climate change shows us again and again that this has a centrality and a capacity to cause an impact that we have to internalize much more.

“Chile is one of the countries with the highest vulnerability to climate change, and this isn’t theory but rather, practical experience.”

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