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Delta State Government Likes Shedding Blood – Aladja Community

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

INDIGENES of Aladja community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State have accused successive governments of being in love with shedding innocent blood.

If not so, the people wondered why an age-long boundary dispute between the community and Ogbe-Ijoh community of Warri South West that has claimed several innocent lives has been allowed to linger unresolved for so long.

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They, therefore, called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Governor Sheriff Oborevwori to complete the demarcation of the disputed boundary with Ogbe-Ijoh to halt further maiming and bloodshed.

Stonix News reports that the two neighbouring communities of Urhobo and Ijaw ethnic stocks have been on each other’s throats for about 27 years over the disputed boundary which appeared to have defied all entreaties.

Successive governments in the state, which appear playing the ostrich in permanently resolving the logjam, have constituted committees at different times emerging with whitepapers but lacking the needed courage to put paid to the logjam.

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Irked by renewed skirmish around the disputed boundary, indigenes of Aladja, Friday morning, embarked on a massive, but peaceful protest to further call for the complete demarcation of the discounted boundary.

They accused the present of Oborevwori, who’s their kinsman, and previous Delta State governments of failing in resolving the imbroglio amid near pogrom.

Characterised by music and dance from the Aladja Community Town Hall through Ekorhion Quartetrs and down to the Waterside, the protesters, armed with tugs plucked from trees, changed solidarity songs.

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They were led in their hundreds by Comrade Shell Okakotu GodFirst, President of Aladja Community Council, Mr. Akpojotor Okololo, 1st Deputy Oghuvwie of Aladja Community and Mr. Lori German, Secretary of Traditional Council in Aladja, during which they denounced further killings and sued for peace.

“President Bola Tinubu, come to our aid. Delta Government has failed us. We are calling on the Federal Government to come to our rescue.

“Ogbe-Ijoh, give peace a chance. War is destructive. Peace is priceless. Ogbe-Ijoh, allow peace to reign between us,” they chanted.

The protesters also appealed to the people of Ogbe-Ijoh community of Warri South West Local Government Area to allow for a peaceful demarcation of the disputed land.

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Some inscriptions in the placards borne by the peaceful protesters included: “The land belongs to Aladja,” “Major Solomon be neutral in the crisis”, Ogbe-Ijoh doesn’t have an inch of land there”, “Governor Sheriff give Aladja her land back”, “Delta Government knows the truth, but playing politics with the crisis”,” Governor Sheriff do what is right, truthful and just”! and “Hon. Taye Tuoyo stop using the military against Aladja for Ogbe-Ijoh”, among others.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines, the President-General of Aladja Community, Prince Ibrahim Dumudje, said they staged the peaceful protest to let the world know the level of oppression being meted on Aladja community by the Delta State government and their Ogbe-Ijoh neighbours.

Prince Dumudje, who was represented by the 2nd Vice President-General of Aladja Leaders of Thoughts, Dr. Richard Lafua, noted that a meeting was held at the Army barracks in Effurun and an agreement was reached that the entire land in dispute be demarcated.

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Prince Dumudje pointed out that no action has been taken since the meeting was held, but they (Aladja) people only saw further encroachments on the disputed land by some government agents.

He accused Chairman of Warri South-West Council, Hon. Taye Tuoyo of allegedly pitching the military against Aladja community, adding: “We find this very embarrassing that a government official is doing this.”

According to Prince Dumudje, Aladja community has agreed that the disputed land be demarcated, but they have been waiting patiently for the Delta State government to take action to no avail.

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“We are also willing to let go a portion of the land for the purpose of peace. Even with this, government is not forthcoming,” he claimed, while alleging that the state government appeared pleased with incessant bloodshed over the land.

He appealed to the Delta State Governor, RT Hon. Oborevwori to, as a matter of urgency, intervene in the matter and see that the disputed land is demarcated, peacefully.

On their parts, President of Aladja Community Council, Comrade Shell Okakotu GodFirst, Aladja Community Youth leader, Reuben Fourie and a woman leader in the Community, Mrs. Ruth Christopher, wondered why the state government appeared weak in resolving the land dispute in spite of several whitepapers on it. 

They said the age-long crisis between Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh communities have affected them economically, mentally, financially and otherwise, just as they called on the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Worldwide, and all Urhobo indigenes both home and abroad to come to the rescue of Aladja community.

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