Diary of a Teacher (DoT) with Titilope Ogundele

DOT: I Have Been Thinking About You

For some days I have been in a conference. It’s a religious conference organised for students and youths. I am a worker at the conference and primarily, I serve in the kitchen department. Pardon me, we call it ‘Hospitality department’. Meanwhile, my friend and I get to run some errands at the children department everyday. In fact, we’re saddled with the responsibility of serving their dinner.

Yesterday, I served dinner to children and teenagers. To avoid avoidable stress afterwards, told the teenagers to wash the plates. To ensure they comply, I joined the girls washing the plates (the boys dodged the task).

While washing, a young girl joined us – she should be about five years old. As we were working and chatting, another girl joined us and the following conversation ensued between them.

‘Emmanuella, I have been looking for you. Why did you leave?’

‘When you said I should go away, me too I went away’.

‘Oh, I did not mean it. I was playing with you. I have been thinking about you!’

I almost screamed, ‘What! Repeat what you said!’ But, thank God I refrained myself from screaming.

One of the teenagers working with me was like ‘Awwn!’ I love love.

And guess what? The other girl joined the one working with me. Both of them worked and chatted freely until their parents sent for them.

Although, I didn’t interfere in their discussion but their short conversation kept coming back to me. I couldn’t help but replay the drama in my head over and over.

That simple sentence, ‘ I have been thinking about you’, kept replaying in my head. I mean, what a beautiful confession coming from a pure and sincere heart. Love is a beautiful thing!

Love is more beautiful when it is expressed from a sincere heart, a pure soul.

I admire the sincerity of that declaration! I love the purity of that love. One of the beautiful things I love about children; no pretense.

How I wish we can emulate these beautiful souls as adults. Love indeed is a beautiful thing.

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