Princess Denise Yetunde Adurokiya @50

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO’s Wife @50

Rita Enemuru, Reporting 

THE family, friends and colleagues of co-publisher of Stonix News, a subsidiary of Iwalaaye Consult (IC), Pastor Mrs. Denise Adurokiya, on Tuesday, celebrated her with conviviality and congratulatory messages on the occasion of her 50th birthday.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

Joseph presenting a Portrait to the celebrant

Stonix News reports that Mrs. Adurokiya was born to the Royal Family of Olukere, Ikere-Ekiti in Ekiti State, on March 14, half a century ago.

An ordained Assistant Pastor (AP) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in charge of House of Favour Area, Word of Life zone under Oyo Province 18, Ibadan, the Olukere princess was born to late Pa Gabriel Obasoyin, Odo-Oja, Ikere.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

The celebrant with her cake

Armed with an ensemble, A Square Entertainment led by Adeshola John Adeniran, which specialises in oral rendition of Yoruba cognomen and panegyrics, family members, brethren, friends and colleagues stormed her residence at the wee hours of Tuesday in Ibadan, to celebrate her.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

Pastor Mrs Tosin Orimogunje with the celebrant

The ensemble, which performs in weddings, naming ceremonies, house warming, birthdays, and the like, rendered panegyrics of Ikere Ekiti and the Royal Dynasty accompanied with saxophones, trumpets, talking drums, and also praised God for sparing the life of the celebrant in the last 50 years.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

Dcn & Dcns Ogundana with the celebrant

Prepared as a surprise package by Pastor & Pastor Mrs Sola Orimogunje, an enduring member and friend of the family, the celebrant was woken up from her bed with the sounds of melodious Ewi, just as she was presented with a beautiful cake to dance with.

A beautiful portrait of the celebrant, designed by an artist cum architect, Samuel Ibukun resident in Osogbo, Osun State, was presented to the celebrant who accepted it with effusive gratitude.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

Celebrant with Mama Adeniran

With prayers showered on her by the well-wishers, she was led to her place of work at the Post-Graduate College of the University of Ibadan where the Provost, Professor A.S.O Ogunjuyigbe, her direct boss, Mrs Ruth Adeyinka and colleagues, treated her to another round of dances, praises and prayers to God in celebration of the glorious day.

Physically present at the early morning birthday treat, which was beamed live on Zoom by Joseph Mosi Ogunmola, were Toyese, Nurse Paul Ajagbe, Mummy Oluokun, Mummy Ajanaku, Mummy Aloba, Dcns Ogundana and Tosin Sax, among others.


Meanwhile, some of her well-wishers have taken to the Social Media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp groups, to eulogize the celebrant’s amiable and wonderful personality, wishing her more fruitful years ahead.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

Celebrant with Professor Ogunjuyigbe (right) and Mrs Adeyinka

Business technocrat and renown chemist, Mr Noah Fashanu, who’s a mentor, father and benefactor of the celebrant’s hubby, on Facebook, wished her “Happy birthday. Wishing you more glorious years ahead IJN.”

A long-time mother figure from Owo, in Ondo State, Dcns Florence Akintoba JP, who’s an octogenarian, took to her WhatsApp handle to celebrate and pray for her.

“Princess Royal. Congratulations on this great occasion of your birthday. As you grow gracefully in age, so shall your strength be. You will wax more & stronger in the Lord. Thank God for seeing you through past years. You will not fall from the ladder of the new year in Jesus’s name. The Lord will climb & lead you as you go the journey of life. You will not sink in the ocean of life in Jesus name. You will not lose the great work of God in your hands to the world my dear. Wo ku odun oni o, omowa, omoekun. A ye o. Happy birthday,” the RCCG Elder prayed.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50


Pastor in charge of RCCG, Glorious People’s Sanctuary (GPS), Pastor Kunle Afolabi, a lecturer and friend of the family, quipped: “a very happy birthday to you our dear Mummy-in-the-Lord. The Almighty God bless you with all beffitting birthday gifts in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Pastor Kingsley Aghom of RCCG, Edo State, who’s a friend of the family, wrote: “Happy birthday to you mummy, age with sufficient grace; you are a wonderful woman with a great, generous heart; you are a great instrument in the household of faith.

“People like you are very few; I celebrate with you on this significant birthday of yours; you will spend your days in prosperity and your years in pleasure in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

Celebrant with colleagues at work

A son of the house and Evangelist, Sunday Egbowon, also wrote in poetic lines: “It’s a New Day!

It’s a New Season!!

It’s a New Year!!!

“May it come with pleasant surprises and the goodness of the Almighty GOD. As you march into a new year my dearest mummy, may GOD continue to shine His Imminent upon you, bringing out glory, brightness, beauty, joy and many goodies that your heart so desires in Jesus’ Name.

“The Bible declares that; the Light is sweet and how pleasant it is for the eyes to behold the sun.

“May the sweetness of His light be your portion and may you be pleasant to behold by God and men for favour ma, this year and beyond in Jesus Name

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50

The celebrant with the PGC Provost, Prof. Ogunjuyigbe

“Happy Birthday my very own mummy. Thank you for all you do, making my memory of Ibadan a pleasant one. Cheers!!!”

One of the celebrants daughters in Christ, Dr Mrs Beatrice Olajide, who works at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, said: Happy Golden Jubilee to our own Mummy Adurokiya, the only sugar in the tea of Daddy Ebenezer! A princess from the royal Obasoyin Dynasty and the precious daughter of the Most High. This season, the purpose of GOD for your life shall fully manifest; your glory will not sink; your destiny will not capsize; your fame will not fade, but spread to greater heights.

“You’re highly favoured ma, forward ever and backward never. All your requests are granted according to God’s will. Wishing you more fruitful and victorious decades ahead in health and wealth in Jesus Name. Congratulations ma, I rejoice with you ma.”

IMG 20230314 WA0010

A sister and close confident of the celebrant, Dcns Victoria Ogundana, who actively pertook in the Tuesday coup-like surprise celebration package, could only mutter: “My lovely, charming, active, friendly and virtuous mother in His vineyard. Our energetic and devoted daughter of Zion that God has given unto us. As you climb another ladder today, you will continue to celebrate in sound health, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Happy birthday to you ma. Long life and prosperity to you.

Dcn Dare Ogundana, husband of Dcns Victoria and Assistant Pastor in charge of RCCG, Oasis of Life, Chapel of Miracles Area, Oyo Province 18, said: Golden Age looks good on you, Our dearest mother, sister and friend, the Pioneer Mummy Parish of RCCG Oasis of Life (SPECIAL) PARISH.AGBOWO).

“You have been sources of help and succour to many lives. Blessed be the day you were born 0 years ago. The presence of God will forever be with you and all that is connected to you; your ministry shall flourish and blessed in Jesus Name. Omo olosuta ti Ikere Ekiti,Omo oloke meji tako tabo,Omo’ba Obasoyin.️ Continue to enjoy and Celebrate His Grace and Faithfulness. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another friend of the house, Arewa Ajoke, a member of RCCG GPS, celebrated her thus: Happy Golden Jubilee birthday to you blessed mummy may the Lord continue to cause His face shine on you always. Cheers to more years of fruitfulness and abundance through Christ Our Lord. You are loved ma.

Barrister Bayo Oyedeji, classmate of the celebrants hubby at UI, wished her “Happy Birthday to Mother in Israel. I wish her heaven’s abundance all year round as she celebrates IJMN.”

Dr Mrs Toyin Oyinloye from Ado Ekiti, a member of the family, too felicitated her with these kind words: “Happy golden jubilee anniversary Mum, you have been a godly example to all that comes in contact with you. You are such a blessing to us, may your light shine brighter, may your glory be evident for all to see, may you be full of life and vigour serving the Lord. I love you Mum.”

A journalist and Deputy Editor with the Nigerian Observer, Mrs Betty Idialu, who’s a colleague and friend of the celebrant’s husband, felicitated saying: “Happy birthday, mummy. Thank you for all that you continue to do. Your new age is tremendously blessed! As you rise in age, so shall you rise in life and destiny, and your light will continously shine in Jesus name!❤️

A UK-based evangelist and friend, Enitan Olajide, prayed, saying: “Happy Birthday ma, may this be the dawn of greater joy and fulfillment ✨️

A very senior officer at the Nigerian Liquified and Natural Gas company and classmate of the celebrant’s hubby, Yemi Aremo Adeyemi, on Facebook, said: “Happy birthday to madam. We wish her many more years in good health.”

For Bukola Oluwadara Oniyide, the Administration Officer of RCCG, Oyo Province 2, it’s a “Happy birthday to Mummy. Her new age is abundantly blessed in Jesus name. LLNP is her Portion.”

Husband of the celebrate, who watched the birthday treat via zoom, in his Facebook post, prayed for long life and prosperity for the celebrant.

Family, Friends, Colleagues Celebrate Stonix News CEO's Wife @50


Read his post:

Celebrating my babe @50. Happy Golden Jubilee Princess Yetunde Obasoyin Adurokiya 

Blessed is your going out

Blessed is your coming in

Blessed is your age at half a century.

More good health, more prosperity. More grace, more joy, more peace. Be bestowed on you in Jesus’s mighty name.

You’re what Proverbs 31:29 says about The Virtuous Wife:

Who can find a virtuous wife?

For her worth is far above rubies.

The heart of her husband safely trusts her;

So he will have no lack of gain.

She does him good and not evil

All the days of her life.

She watches over the ways of her household,

And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children rise up and call her blessed;

Her husband also, and he praises her:

“Many daughters have done well,

But you excel them all.”

Congratulations, my dearest.

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