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Hardship: Jilted, Depressed Woman Runs Into Moving Car To End It All

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

A depressed woman, who had been abandoned by her husband with three kids, had run into a moving car to end it all.

Stonix News gathered that the incident occurred last weekend in front of Ogui Police Station in Enugu, Enugu State, South East Nigeria.

Details are still sketchy as to why she chose a most violent way to die, but the eldest of the kids said to be seven years old said their father had abandoned them due to the current biting hardship in the country.

Out of depression, she was said to have abandoned her children at the police station, stripped herself naked and rammed a moving car and died instantly.

When authorities questioned the eldest child, all that she could mutter was the father’s departure, described as him “getting lost.”

The child was unable to provide further details about her family, town, or residential address.

“She could not give any other information about their family, their town, or residential address”, a police source said

Meanwhile, providence came the way of the three kids after the wife of the Enugu State governor, Mrs. Nkechinyere Mbah, reportedly stepped forward with compassion.

She was said to have embarked on an unscheduled visit to Ogui Police Station, where the children were kept under police care.

There, Mrs. Mbah reportedly announced her sponsorship of a scholarship for the three siblings, who are all under the age of seven and orphaned.

Mrs Mbah has pledged to support and nurture the children’s education, promising to see them through from nursery school to university level.

This is one tragedy too many for a country going through a harrowing and depressed economy due to clueless, insensitive and bad leadership. 

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