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How God Used Leke’s Sermon To Heal Me – Adeboye

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

GENERAL Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, on Friday, gave a hint of how God used the message of his last son, Pastor Leke Adeboye, to heal him of an acute stomach disorder.

The revered cleric gave the testimony during the January Holy Ghost Service held at the 3×3 Auditorium, Shimawa, Ogun State, Nigeria while preaching on the theme: ‘Wonderful.’

How God Used Leke's Sermon To Heal Me - Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye & Leke

Stonix News reports that earlier in the well-attended first Holy Ghost Service of the year, the younger Adeboye had preached on the same theme with a fresh insight and energy – a message his gathered commended, describing it as “mathematical.”

Speaking on how he suffered the acute stomach upset, Adeboye said though he had been in his prayer room without paying anyone visits let alone eating anything anywhere, he suddenly develop the ailment after waking up on Friday ahead of the monthly programme.

Read his testimony first hand:

“I’m going to sit tonight and I’ll tell you why. I don’t exactly what God wants to do tonight. But I suspect it’ll be extraordinary. To start with when yesterday at the Holy Communion I told those around that one of the powers of double portion anointing is the ability to make decrees.

“The devil fourth since morning that I won’t be here this evening. You asked what happened? I’ll tell you. I’ve been in my prayer room for days, I didn’t go out. So you can’t say that I went out and ate bad yesterday (Thursday). No!

“Then I woke up this morning with a terrible stomach disorder, pain, the kind that I’ve never experienced for a long long time.

“Ha ha. What’s wrong? I went to the toilet, expecting that I’ll ease myself and everything will go. I began to ask myself: what did I eat? What did I drink? I ate nothing. It started like a joke.

“I had to go and pray with the senior pastors at 6:00p.m. I’m telling you, the one hour I spent with was like a little he’ll on earth. They didn’t notice, though, I hid it from them, (Chuckled) because I didn’t want them to panic. So I managed to get back to my prayer after I left them and the service started and the pain grew worse.

“Ha! Little by little, I was listening to the preacher – by the way thank God for the preacher. That was a beauty sermon. That was like me. Yeah! That was like me. He took it from bad to not too bad, to good, very good and to wonderful. That’s mathematical men! That was good. Glory be to God. That was good. Don’t deny it.

“So, he was preaching and I was listening eventhough I was in agony. Then all of a sudden, he said something: He said “say Amen somebody. He said there was a brother who said amen the other time who said amen and the thing in him got out of him.

“So, I said “amen,” loud and clear. And I said that just the time he was about to end, them he concluded and then the choir began to worship to bring mummy forward to pray.

“By now I should be getting dressed. But the stomach was still misbehaving. But few minutes after I said “amen,” I just felt something saying ‘run to the toilet.’ I ran to the toilet and what was troubling me got out. Whatever is troubling you, stand on your feet and shoot ‘amen.'”

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