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How God Used Misplaced $70,000 To Change My Life – Eko Hotel Staff

Rita Enemuru, Reporting

THE trending Eko Hotel and Suites staffer, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, who resisted the temptation to steal a client’s $70,000 forgotten in
Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos, has narrated how God orchestrated the trial to turn her life around.

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Ngozi testifying at Streams of Joy International, Abuja on Sunday

The lady, who was awarded $10,000 for returning the huge money to her supervisor before the owner later showed up, gave her testimony live at the Streams of Joy International, Abuja, last Sunday.

She said that her turnaround came following a word of knowledge that came from the altar of the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD) anchored by Pastor Jerry Eze.

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Receiving the Canadian PR gift

NSPPD is a virtual weekday prayers programme that takes place online between the hours of 7:00a.m to 9;00a.m on Social Media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

She referenced the prophetic declaration by the founder of NSPPD, Pastor Jerry Eze that led to the events of the day where she found the $70,000 in one of the rooms at Eko Hotel where she works.

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According to her, during one of the morning prayer sessions, Pastor Eze declared that something little will happen in somebody’s office that will blow him/her to the world; a prophecy she keyed into.

After the prayers that day, she went to work and while carrying out her duties, she found the $70,000 which she returned to her supervisor and then the customer.

Apart from being rewarded with a whopping sum of $10,000 from Nigerian’s global singer, David Adeleke aka Davido, she was also given a chieftaincy title in her community.

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Ngozi during the award

Amongst other things, she also testified that a Canadian PRO was done for her by an international organisation.

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Pastor Jerry Eze

Hear her: “A friend of mine from Port Harcourt sent the NSPPD link to me in 2020 and told me that I needed to join the prayers.

“I’m here today to give testimony of my breakthroughs because the declaration that led to my breakthrough came from the NSPPD Altar.

“In the second week of July 2023, the pastor made a declaration on the Altar that a thing will happen at someone’s office and that it will blow up to the world.

“I went to the office after that declaration was made. I work with Eko Hotel and Suites as a Customer Care Agent. Part of my job as a bilingual agent is to fix safe when customers leave the room. When I went to fix the safe, I opened it and saw $70,000.

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“The next thing that came to my mind at that moment was, what will Jesus do? I said to myself, ‘Jesus will not take what does not belong to him;’ so I called my office and got across to my supervisor, and reported the incident.

‘The next few days, the owner came to the hotel and his money was given back to him and he was so happy. He was so surprised that the amount of money was not even short by $100. He then rewarded me with some money.

“On Monday, the following day, the pastor declared again that God will raise men to bless the fellow. When I went for my shift that day, my colleagues told me that I was all over the news but I didn’t take it as anything.

“The next day, somebody called and said that they were looking for me and that they wanted to give me $10,000 and it was given to me the next day.

“It did not end there, an international organisation called me and said that they want to do Canada PRO for me for free since I speak French.

“After that, my community Chairman in Rivers State called me and commended my integrity, he flew me down to Port Harcourt, lodged me in a big hotel, awarded me and named a building in my community after me and also gave me a chieftaincy title.

“He said I did well because all the news that usually come out of the local government are bad news and that I’ve brought good news to the community.

“So I want to give all the glory and honour to God.”

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