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How I Was Able To Scale Through Grammar School – Adeboye

Rita Enemuru, Reporting

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has narrated how God assisted him to scale through Grammar School in his period of hardship.

He said that when he was admitted to llesha Grammar School in Oyo State, his parents had no penny when he was asked to deposit two pounds before starting, but God came through for him.

He narrated this in the Sunday, June 26 Open Heavens Devotional with the topic “God Will Help You.”

The message was focused on God’s help in fulfilling destiny, where the cleric asserted that God sent a helper to him when it seemed that all hope was lost.

He claimed that he would not have been able to fulfill his destiny if not for the help he got from a good ‘Samaritan’ whose name he didn’t mention.

“If not for God in my life, l wouldn’t be who l am today.

“When l gained admission to llesha Grammar School, we were to pay a deposit of two pounds, but my parents didn’t have it.

“One way or the other, God provided and l resumed in the school and by the end of the first year, almost everything in the house had been sold.

“By the time l had done three years in secondary school, there was nothing more to sell.

“Just around that time, God brought somebody who had just returned from London to my village.

“Everybody went to celebrate with him. While everybody was surrounding him and rejoicing, he just turned in my direction and said ‘Hello, little boy.’

“We began to talk. At some point, he noticed that my command of the English Language was very good and l told him l was a student in Ilesha Grammar School.

“He asked what class l was in and l told him l was supposed to go to Form 4, but there was no money.

“He arranged for the school fees for my 4th year. After that, my mother went back to the principal and said, “Now he has done four years; please give him his testimonial so he can go and teach.

“The man said, ‘Out of five years, he has already done four. He only has one more year to go; you can’t withdraw him now.’

“One way or the other l finished secondary school, gained admission to the University and got on the path of fulfilling my destiny, because God really helped me,” he narrated.

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