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How My Son Escaped From Ritualists – CAC Pastor 

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

GENERAL Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Pastor James Onagwa, has narrated how God rescued his son, Victor, from the den of ritualists.

Pastor Onagwa gave the testimony in a video recently posted on YouTube recorded during the churche’s revival problem.

He disclosed that Victor had boarded a motorbike from Odo Ona in Ibadan, but upon getting to Apata, the rider picked another passenger who claimed to be headed the same direction.

According to him, “That was all. My son’s phone became unreachable.

“Nobody could give account of his movement. Nobody could trace where he went.”

Pastor Onagwa stated that “according to Victor, by the time he opened his eyes, he was far away after Abeokuta, along Imeko road.”

Narrating further, Pastor Onagwa said: “As of the time I stood here yesterday preaching, my son had been kidnapped. And, I must preach.

“While all of you were praying, the problem was there. I was also praying. I told God that I must come here tomorrow (today) to testify.

“Victor disclosed that he was put in a very small room. The room was so small that he could not lie down.

“He was just there, praying. All the time we were here at the revival yesterday, he was in that room.”

How God Stepped In 

Narrating further the testimony of his son, the cleric said: “In the middle of the night, the ritualist came. She was a woman. And, she brought out a torch, opened the small room and pointed it to my son and asked, ‘who brought a Pastor here? Why did you bring a Pastor here? He must leave this place now. The day must not break before he leaves this place. You must release him now.”

The Apostolic pastor further claimed that the ritualists brought out his out and dropped him in an unknown place where Victor began to trek before he eventually resurfaced around Oke Ata, Idi Mango, Mosafuneto before he later got to Ita Oshin in Abeokuta.

He added that “If these people were kidnappers, they would have started demanding N5 million or N10 million and so on.

“But these were ritual people who kill and cut human parts into pieces.”

He later called out Victor who sang a chorus to confirm the power of God in his life.

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