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How Nigerian Real Estate Expert Passed With Pregnancy

POPULAR Nigerian real estate pundit, Adenike Adewunmi-Adebisi, has passed with a pregnancy due for delivery on April 23, 2023. 

According to Platforms Africa reports, Adewunmi-Adebisi was heavily pregnant as of the time of her passing.

She reportedly became pregnant after the third attempt via IVF and was given 23rd of April for delivery.

A report by Younews, which quoted family sources, gives details of how Adewunmi-Adebisi breathed her last.

“All she wanted was a child of her own, waited 20 years then got pregnant but she died with the pregnancy.

“In her late 40s, she was looking for thrfruit of the womb.

“After the 3rd attempt of IVF, she was successful.

“And she was given 23rd of this month for delivery.

“Now she’s dead without any symptom of sickness.

“Insiders told YOUNEWS that she had challenges breathing properly, moments before her death.

“While gasping for breath, she was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately “she didn’t make it”

“Curiously and perhaps coincidentally, days ago , Madam Adewunmi-Adebisi Adenike jokingly said she may take a huge break off.

“Her death came as a rude shock to many…and the story of her death is already trending.

“Many have a lot of good things to say about her…One of her friends said : “

“I met Adewunmi-Adebisi Adenike on Facebook in 2017, and we became close friends and were on talking terms very often.

“Her jovial posts were the attraction to me ; the blend of originality and peace always captivated me and she remained with that quality till the end.

“I also patronized her cloth business; paid her to send clothes to my mum and she never faltered.

“We shared same political belief in 2019, but when she saw my trajectory in the present dispensation, she respected that and we still remained good friends till she departed.

“Such a peaceful soul; she once told me in 2020 about her disagreement with my brother and classmate, Alhaji Morufu Smith , and I swung into action and reconciled them, and they remained friends till she breathed her last.

“We never met, no matter how hard I struggled , it just did not work out. This morning, it was Morufu Smith’s post which he tagged me to that confirmed the worst had happened .

“Adenike, all I can say is that you were a peaceful person and I pray that God will rest your soul. May your husband and parents be consoled .”

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