‘I Caught My Husband Making Love To Side Chick On Our Bed’

A woman, Idowu, has dragged her husband, Kazeem, before Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo, State, seeking that it ends their relationship on the account of irresponsibility, physical assault and infidelity.

Idowu stated that Kazeem was always finding faults in all that she did and would pick up a fight with her.

She also explained that the relationship between her and Kazeem became strained because her mother in-law did not like her and was against their marriage.

The plaintiff told the court that the defendant was unfaithful to her.

According to her, she caught him and another lady making love on their matrimonial bed.

Idowu stated that Kazeem, rather than being remorseful, humiliated her in the presence of his lover by beating her blue black.

The plaintiff said that it is obvious that her husband no longer loves her.

She thus prayed for the dissolution of their union.

Idowu further pleaded for the custody of their children, while her husband be made responsible for their upkeep, giving priority to their feeding, education and health service.

Kazeem was not in court despite being served court summonses.

Idowu giving her testimony said, “My husband and I held introduction ceremony before I moved into his house.

“He did not pay my dowry.

“Kazeem and I had a smooth relationship in the early days of our marriage, but things gradually became sour as we went deeper in our union.

“My once caring and loving husband suddenly changed and became irresponsible.

“He neglected my needs and that of our children and deprived us of the necessary comfort.

“Kazeem also started picking faults in all that I did and would beat.

“The more I made him to see reason, the worst he became.

“My mother in-law also did not help matters because she does not like me.

“She stood against our relationship from the outset and was supportive of her son’s maltreatment of me.

“My lord, my husband is inhumane. He had the guts to bring in one of his lovers who happened to be someone that I know into our matrimonial home and slept with her on our bed.

“I caught him red handed making love with this lady.

“Kazeem rather than being ashamed of himself and repentant descended on me with punches.

“He humiliated me in the presence of his lover.

“He challenged my audacity to bump into our room without knocking.

“I reported this lady to her mother and my husband on hearing this got me arrested by the police.

“He lied that I went to embarrass and fought his girlfriend and her mother in their home.

“I moved out of his house after this, but he refused that I went with our children.

“He handed them over to his mother who refused me access to them.

“I pray that our union be dissolved and the custody of our children granted me.

“I beg the court to make my husband responsible for our children’s welfare.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo adjourned the case and ordered that a fresh hearing notice be issued and served the respondent.

Saturday Tribune

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