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I’m Done With Demanding Money For God’s Blessing — Benny Hinn

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

Renowned cleric and televangelist, Benny Hinn, has made a U-turn regarding his teachings on prosperity.

He said that he would no longer demand money in return for God’s blessings.

Stonix News reports that this mode of extorting money from unwary church congregants has gained much grounds overtime especially in Africa where poverty is rife.

Speaking at one of his meetings recently as monitored on YouTube, the United States-based Israeli preacher said he won’t bother if this new revelation would make people not like him again.

“I am sad to say prosperity has gone a little crazy. And I am correcting my own theology, and you need to all know it.

“Because when I read the Bible now I don’t see the Bible in the same eyes I saw the Bible 20 years ago.

“I will tell you now something I think is going to shock you. I think it is an offence to the Lord to say give a thousand dollars.

“I think it is an offence to the Holy Spirit to put a price on the gospel. I am done with it.

“I will never, again, ask you to give a thousand or whatever amount because I think the Holy Ghost is just fed up with it.

“Did you hear me? I think that hurts the gospel,” he submitted.

Hinn added that he no longer cared what people thought of him or whether he would still be liked for his change of doctrine.

He said, “If I hear again, break the back of debt with a thousand dollars I’m going to rebuke them.

“I think that’s buying the gospel, that’s buying the blessing. That’s grieving the Holy Spirit. That’s about all I will say.

“If you are not giving because you love Jesus, don’t bother giving.”

According to him, “I don’t want to get to heaven and be rebuked. The gospel is not for sale. The blessings of God are not for sale. Miracles are not for sale. And prosperity is not for sale.”

Benny Hinn is renowned for his preaching on telecast and bestselling books, especially Good Morning Holy Spirit, Mysteries of the Anointing and The Names and Nature of God, among others.

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