Iniubong Umoren: Court Sentences Uduak-Abasi Akpan To Death,  Acquits Fatherl

The Akwa Ibom State High Court in Uyo has sentenced Uduak Frank Akpan to death by hanging over the gruesome murder of a young lady known as Iniubong Umoren.

The judgement was ruled by  the presiding Judge, Bassey Nkanang who found the suspect guilty of rape and murder.  

According to reports, the case had gone viral on all social media platforms after the deceased had texted a friend about the situation she’s in just before her sad end.

Uduak-Abasi had lured Umoren out of her home with a fake job interview, raped and killed her in April, 2021, in the outskirts of Uyo. Then, he buried her body in a shallow grave.

Giving his confessional statement, Uduak-Abasi said; “I first used condom to have sex with Iniubong Umoren and later removed the condom because I did not enjoy the sex.

“She became infuriated and I reached out to a stabilizer and a box iron and used it to hit her abdominal part and started to bleed.

“I hit her again and she screamed. I used her jean trousers and strangled her and she became lifeless.”

The rules that the attack on the deceased was a deliberate intent to kill, thereby ruling that death was probable the consequences of the action.

However, the court discharged and acquitted his father, Frank Akpan and sister, Bassey Anwan.

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