Insensitive! Zenith Bank Officials Load UI ATMs, Empty The Machine, Flee 

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting 

SOME yet-to-be-identified officials of the Zenith Bank Plc, on Friday, allegedly loaded the bank’s ATM outlets at the University of Ibadan, and, in-turn, emptied the machine with their debit cards and fled the scene.

Witnesses to the heartless and unprofessional act reported in statements doing the rounds on WhatsApp and other social media  that customers who were on the queue waiting to withdraw cash were left stranded and shocked after seeing what suddenly played out in a jiffy.

One of the eyewitness reports said:

“Bank officials are sabotaging the Nation! They have done it at the University of Ibadan, too.

“This must be escalated. This must be stopped, urgently!

“It happened today (Friday, 03 February 2023) at *the ATM gallery of Zenith Bank of the University of Ibadan Branch*.

“Some officials of the bank came to load the ATMs of the bank. As soon as they loaded the machines, the officials went straight to the withdrawal points of the Machines and used different ATM cards to withdraw all the money they had previously loaded.

“The students were stranded. The ATM gallery has been deserted because the bank officials have emptied the machines they came to load.

“This was not the first time. Reliable sources confirmed that it also happened yesterday.

“This is criminal. This is a sabotage. This ugly trend must be stopped by the appropriate authorities.

“Both students and staff of the University, like other Nigerians, are suffering. It is heartless.

“This represents what is probably happening across the nation.”

A lecturer in one of the departments in the Faculty of Arts, while buttressing the incident, said his plan to go get some naira notes from the machine was shattered by the wicked bank officials.

“It was reported that the bank officials pretended as if they were rectifying some errors on the machines after loading them..

“They didn’t allow people to use the machines when they were loading the cash. They came out immediately to perform the operation.

“They came with multiple ATM cards with different tags.

“It was too late before people detected.

“They hurriedly left before students could mobilise.

“This is the exam period. Most of the students were in the exam halls or in the libraries.

“I got there late, too.

“Some students came to the hall to report. But it was too late,” he lamented.

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