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InsideWarri: (+VIDEO) Spill over weekend groove! 

What do you do starting the week on a Monday morning? Do you go to work or school or do you map out ways to achieve certain goals you have set out for yourself in the new week? 

For some in Area (Warri), it’s often a weekend groove carried over. Yesterday Monday was not different, though a Monday morning is believed to be the time everyone should be out to eke a living, hustle (as we say it in Waffi).

But you know what, we often find one or two individuals idling away over two to three green bottles of liquor set before them to sip!

This was the scenerio involving two young men of average age sighted by InsideWarri as early as 8:30a.m on Monday at Ginuwa Junction, Warri-Sapele road in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State.

To think this very Monday morning children were at home on midterm break! I wonder what was going on in the minds of the kids who were passing by and staring at them.

Must weekend groove with green bottles spill over to Monday morning when guys should be hustling? This is how it seems, no doubt. This is how we groove.

Area, I hail O!

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