Diary of a Teacher (DoT) with Titilope Ogundele

My Encounter With Exam Malpractice And Innocence

I was at one of the schools where I teach Phonics. The pupils were writing exams, so I needed to move round the classrooms to give them certain instructions.

I stepped out of one of the classrooms, Nursery Two to be precise, so as to collate the exam scripts from the other classes.

As I got back to the class, I realised most of the pupils were through with their exams so they had submitted their scripts.

I sat on a chair and started marking the scripts, then I looked back and saw two girls at the back of the class.

A young girl was writing and another girl stood beside her, the first girl was copying from the other girl’s script, what? Right in my presence?

I ordered them to come over and asked the other girl, ‘why did you give her your script to copy from?’ Guess what she said? ‘She does not know the answer.’ Are you kidding me?

So, you gave her your script to copy because she doesn’t know the answer? I was angry! I have zero tolerance for examination malpractice.

But then it occurred to me that these children didn’t know what they did was wrong. The innocence in her eyes when she told me why she did what she did got me. Her innocence melted my anger.

Although I punished both of them, I took time to explain to the other girl that what she did is wrong. I explained what examination malpractice meant and made her know that it is wrong.

At that time, I got this feeling of fulfilment. I know I have sown a seed in the heart of the young girl, hopefully it will yield good results in the long run.

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