‘My Husband Stole My Atm Card, Withdrew Money From My Account, Attempted To Use Me For Ritual’ – Woman

GRADE A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned till March 26, continuation of hearing on the divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Laide Adesola against her husband, Ladi Adesola on the grounds of irresponsibility, constant fight and theft.

Laide stated that Ladi not only stole her money, but that he went as far as withdrawing money from her account without her knowledge.

The plaintiff also alleged that her husband was diabolic and that he attempted to use her for money ritual.

My husband loathes me, beats, humiliates me in the presence of his lovers, woman tells court

The plaintiff told the court that the defendant took to threatening her after she deserted him and refused that she had rest of mind.

Laide, therefore beseeched the court to put an end to their relationship and grant her custody of their children.

She further prayed the court mandate her husband to be responsible for the payment of their children’s school fees and that he should pay this as and when due.

She also asked the court to rule that this is apart from giving them feeding allowance and seeing to their health care.

The plaintiff also sought for an order restraining the defendant from coming to her shop to threaten, fight and destroy her goods and also disturb their children in school.

Ladi denied all the allegations brought against him, but agreed that their marriage be dissolved.

Laide in her testimony said: “My husband and I held the Islamic wedding rites before I moved in with him, but he did not pay my dowry.

“My marriage to my husband was the biggest mistake I ever made in life.

“It has cost me my joy and peace of mind.  Ladi has no doubt shattered my life.

“The first thing I noticed about my husband, after we started living together was that he lacked integrity.

“Laide was in the habit of borrowing money from me with the promise of paying back, but he always defaulted.

“The more I complained, the worse he became.

“My husband always turned every argument we had on the issue of money into a fight.

“He would beat me in his wrath and refuse to release me until I bled.

“I started keeping my money away from him in the house.

“I succeeded in this, but it was for a short while.

“My husband would ransack my room and turn it upside down any time he needed of money and I was not around.

“On many occasions, he would discover the money where I kept it and steal it.

“I always knew any time he did this because he was always not patient enough to leave my room the way he met it.

“He would deny ever touching my money any time I challenged him and would beat me to a pulp. There were times he sent me into the cold of the night and locked the door behind me.

“Ladi rather than being repentant became more advanced in his crime.

“He stole my ATM card and withdrew money from my account, thus jeopardising my business which was my source of livelihood.

“My husband is obviously irresponsible.

“He not only failed me as the breadwinner, but he starved our children too.

“Our children stopped making demands of him as the head of the home because he would always send them to me.

“I reported him to my mother on many occasions, but she would always advise that I endured.

“My lord, my husband is diabolic and desperate to be rich.

“He attempted to use me for money ritual.

“This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I packed all my belongings and moved out of his house with our children.

“Ladi now comes to my shop to threaten and fight me.

“He would destroy my wares any time he was at my shop.

“He did not stop at this.

“My husband has now become a common face in our children’s school.

“He goes there to disturb the children and distract their attention in class.

“My lord, my husband’s irrational behaviour is already taking its toll on our children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing.

“I am fed up with our marriage.

“I, therefore, appeal to the court to end it and grant me custody of our children so that I can look after their wellbeing.

“I beg that my husband be made responsible for their welfare with utmost attention given to their feeding, education and health care.

“I further request for an order restraining him from coming to my shop to destroy my goods and going to our children’s school to disturb them.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, after she had heard the plaintiff adjourned the case.

Source: Tribuneonline

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