NIMEGG To CAN: Muslim-Muslim Ticket A Winning Formula Not Religion

Muhammed Abubakar, Reporting

The Nigeria Muslim for Equity and Good Governance (NIMEGG) has counselled the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to stop the blackmail against Muslims and Islam over the choice of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s running mate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Muslim – Muslim Ticket.

It described the Muslim Muslim ticket, which is generating some outrage across the country, as a winning formula adopted by the party with nothing to do with religion.

In the statement signed by NIMEGG’s spokesman, Mallam Abu Abdullah on Thursday and made available to newsmen in Kaduna, it advised CAN to concentrate on its religious responsibilities instead of dabbling into partisan politics.

“We have been waiting for Nigerians political leaders and traditional leaders to call them to order, but since things look like there’s nothing wrong in their public outrage over Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima, definitely feel duty bound to react to their statement and set the record straight, the statement declared.

The statement noted that, “If in lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Taraba where Muslims are majority can be governed by Christians and Muslims kept quite, simply because they are for the promotion of good governance and not religious sentiments why the public outcry when APC decided to go for Muslim-Muslim ticket.

NIMEGG remarked that CAN should be told, “we can continue ruling all these states mentioned even by Muslim Muslim tickets and we will continue winning, but we allow reason to prevail against mediocrity.

To this end, the Muslim group said, “CAN are going too far. We have it on good authority that before the APC’s primary election, they call on all their followers not to support a Muslim but Almighty Allah won it for us.

However, the statement wondered that, “When Tinubu picked Ibrahim Masari as his temporary running mate, CAN kept quite, but immediately he announced the name of Kashim Shettima they became agitated and started dishing out all sorts of blackmail. Please stop.

“So, if APC decides to adopt a formula on how to win election what is CAN problem. Are we not aware that they have been working for PDP for a very long time.

The statement posited,” To us therefore, we saw the APC Muslims Muslim ticket has a strategy on how to win. There’s nothing religious about it.

“The same CAN that denied Northern Christians any opportunity of becoming its President since inception, is now grumbling and wailing that a political party must take a Northern Christian to be its Vice-Presidential candidate,” it queried .

Thus, the statement averred that it is aware the leadership is working hard for mundane political interests, instead of concentrating on its core mandate of spiritual responsibilities.

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