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Over 6,000 Reportedly Killed From Gun Violence This Year In The U.S

Micheal Chukwuebuka, Reporting

ACCORDING to the Gun Violence Archive in the U.S., 6,278 people have died from gun violence this year, which is roughly an average of 116 deaths each day.

56% of the deaths recorded from gun violence this year, are by suicides.

Also, of those who died from gun violence in the U.S this year, 227 were teens and 36 children.

Report has it that majority of these deaths have occurred in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Texas and Louisiana.

The tally of gun violence deaths includes 196 people shot by police operatives; 52 killed in unintentional shootings, according to Gun Violence Archive.

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In 2023 so far, there have been 84 mass shootings, which at least, no fewer than four or more persons were reportedly injured or killed.

These mass shootings have led to the deaths of 126 people and 336 injuries.

Recall that in June 2022, President Joe Biden signed into law a gun safety package passed by Congress, which was the first gun reform bill in decades.

In 2022, 44,310 deaths were recorded in the country, surpassing deaths from gun violence per year since 2014.

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