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Oyedepo Urges Christians To Give To The Poor, Says Hoarded Riches Will Soon Disappear 

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

Founder and Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Tabernacle (Worldwide), otherwise known as Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo, on Sunday, urged Christians to cultivate the heart and habit of being rich towards God by giving to the poor.

He warned “what you are keeping will soon disappear.”

Bishop Oyedepo gave the admonition at the Covenant Day of Vengeance Service at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Sango-Otta, Nigeria, during the 1st Sunday Service.

He asserted that the reason God will not allow him to die untimely was because of the covenant he has with God to singlehandedly build Him at least 1,000 churches in his lifetime.

“So giving is sowing. 2 Corinthians 9:8. We are blessed to keep promoting what God said we should promote.

“The covenant of seedtime and harvest is the covenant of giving and receiving and sustaining what you receive by continuing to abound in every good work, promoting every good course.

“The best of all courses is kingdom advancement. Matthew 6:33. That is the priority good work that is given to us.

“With a heart for God, building 10,000 rural churches from this assembly should not be a problem.

“Do you know why I can’t die early? I covenanted with God to help me sow a minimum of a thousand churches in my lifetime.

“He has to elongate my life to make that happen. Just fill your hearts with genuine dreams. Not dreams to impress yourself.

“Lord, if I have a Peugeot car I will like to give it to this man that is going on this mission” and the following day, the car came to me.

“If it is in your heart, it will reach your hand. If it is genuine. He knows your thoughts afar off.

“God knows which is a balloon thought to impress your pastor or your friend.

“When they told me how much was available for medical outreach, I said that is not enough and I did my own bit.

“My own bit is more than all you did. Men that will be 10,000-in-one are rising and you can choose to be one of them by jumping at every opportunity that touches the heart of God.

“I will have N300 in my pocket and somebody is crying, I will pull it out and put it in his hand and walk out. That is where it starts.

“You can’t tell me you don’t know what to eat after service and I tell you to go. I had my bank in my pocket. All I had, can enter my pocket so I share it with you. That is where to begin from.

“You can’t be in your zone and a little boy is sent out of school and you are telling them “God bless you”.

“What is “God bless you”? Pay for him, that is how to grow. This covenant works, it is only you that needs to get to work. Luke 12:21.

“You give to the poor, you lend to the Lord. You better get rich towards God. What you are keeping will soon disappear.

“I am a blessed man, the devil knows I am blessed. The media world knows I am blessed.

“There is no one that will any less be blessed if he cares to work in the same steps.

“We were 18, 000 plus income as a Church in 1984. Guess what? My tithe was there. My offering was there.

“That was our worth – all of us. God is still God. Start from where you are. The tithe of #10 is #1, there is no problem with that. The tithe is not #5, it is the same,” he noted.

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