PDP’s Fortunes’ Decline Nation-Wide Baseless Propaganda From Enemies – Chieftain 

Rita Enemuru, Reporting

The alleged disaffection and disunity among leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a baseless propaganda from enemies who will soon be disappointed when the party wins the presidential election come 2023.

The view was expressed by a Chieftain and former Delta State governorship aspirant, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, during a chat on Saturday with journalists in Abuja.

Against contrary views, Onuesoke affirmed that the unity of the party was intact all over the country, allaying fears of disunity in the party.

“The PDP family is becoming more united than it was before, hence it is working in one accord,” he affirmed.

He further opined that he was amazed to read media reports alleging a split in the ranks of our political leaders when the party has become more united that it was before.

“There is nothing like that. At best, it is in the imagination of the writers, particularly the opposition party who has not developed the capacity for a harmonious and an all embracing election processes for the good of their members that are spreading baseless information,” he stated.

The PDP Chieftain disclosed that those trying to insinuate disaffection amongst the leaders by false propaganda will be disappointed because the party will come out from this rumour stronger and better prepared for victory in the 2023 general elections.

He explained that what is happening in PDP is a sign of true democracy where members are given the opportunity to compete and express their minds without hindrances, adding that in the final conclusion, all issues will be resolve as that of one family.

“ I did not see any crack in PDP. The structures of the party at my own observation is that from the wards, states, region, zonal and national levels is very intact.

” I suspected that the rumour of division in PDP must have been engineered by the oppositions to derogate the party and thereby gain cheap political points,” he noted.

He urged Nigerians to continue to retain the confidence they have in the party, expressing optimism that the forces fuelling false PDP crisis and disunity would be surprised when the party would emerge victorious.

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