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Police Confirm The Arrest Of Suspect Who Tried To Abduct A Child

Michael Chukwuebuka, Reporting

WASHINGTON D.C Police Department, in a statement, confirmed the arrest of a suspect who allegedly tried to abduct a child through a window.

In a surveillance footage of the incident, which happened in the early hours of Monday 16th, the suspect, in his car, was seen trying to whisk the unidentified child through a drive-thru window.

“The suspect seen here attempted to drag the victim through the window using a looped zip tie device.

“The victim was able to fight off the attacker,” Auburn Police Department said, while reviewing the surveillance footage.


Police also added that the suspect has a “unique tattoo” on his left forearm that appeared to be the word “Chevrolet”.

After overwhelming support from the community, the police operatives, on Tuesday 17th, announced that it had arrested the suspect.

According to the state’s police spokesperson, Colby Crossley, officers received numerous tips from residents of the neighbourhood which led them to the suspect.

“Multiple people called in saying they knew the person and were able to give a name.

“Obviously we had sure great evidence

“The suspect is scheduled to have his first court appearance today (Wednesday 18th), at which we plan to release his name,” Crossley added

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