President Biden Trips, Crashes At US Air Force Graduation Ceremony

PRESIDENT Joe Biden stumbled while presenting diplomas to graduating Air Force Academy cadets in Colorado on Thursday.

The nation’s oldest president, who is running for a second term, slipped, fell to his knees, and then stood back up with the help of Air Force officials. This might raise questions about his age.

When he fell, Air Force personnel helped him up. The president had already temporarily lost his equilibrium in other instances, but this one caused him to fall.

The Octogenarian fell and walked away, pointing at a sandbag he had apparently tripped over. The black sandbag, seen close to the stage where Biden gave the commencement address, was cited as the cause by the White House.

Ben LaBolt, the director of communications for the White House, tweeted, “He’s fine” immediately after the event. “While he was shaking hands, a sandbag was on the stage.” A few weeks prior, Biden stumbled when touring Japan’s Itsukushima Shrine near Hiroshima.

The president had to descend some steps at the function, and a guardrail was there to use.

“He didn’t notice the handrail and tripped, then walked downward while regaining his equilibrium. Biden also stumbled while boarding Air Force One on a March trip to Selma, Alabama.

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