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Remains Of Missing Sydney Couple Found

Micheal Chukwuebuka, Reporting 

HUMAN remains were reportedly found in the search for a missing Sydney couple, four days after an off-duty police officer who is said to have dated one of them was charged with their murders, Australia police said Tuesday.

In a statement obtained by NBC News and made available to Stonix News, the New South Wales Police Force confirmed that the bodies had been discovered after investigators spoke with a 28-year-old man, at a correctional facility.

The statement further stated that officers subsequently attended a second property in Bungonia, a town 124 miles southwest of Sydney, where human remains were located.

“While the bodies are yet to be formally identified, they are believed to be that of Luke Davies and Jesse Baird.

“A post-mortem examination will be conducted to confirm the cause of death,” the statement added

NBC News reported that the Australian police found the bodies of a TV presenter and his flight attendant boyfriend in a rural area outside Sydney on February 27, acting on information from a police officer charged with their murder.

Last week, New South Wales police said a 28-year-old senior constable had been charged with two counts of murder in the disappearance of former television reporter Baird, 26, and his flight attendant partner Davies, 29.

Local media identified the officer as Beau Lamarre, and a Beaumont Lamarre-Condon appeared Friday at a local court where he was denied bail, according to online records.

According to reports, Lamarre-Condon is said to have dated Baird until recently.

The bodies were found in surfboard bags that police allege the killer used to carry them from Baird’s Sydney home last week, Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty said.

Police suspected Lamarre-Condon first dumped the bodies last week at a property that officers later searched. But fearing that a traveling companion might reveal where they went, he returned alone on Feb.22 to move the bodies.

The acquaintance, who has not been named, was unaware they were transporting bodies and was not an accomplice, police said.

Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty said police also found two surf bags at the scene that they allege were used to transport the bodies from Baird’s home in the Paddington area of Sydney, where the two men are believed to have been killed on Feb. 19.

The bodies were found near the entrance to the Bungonia property, and an attempt appeared to have been made to cover them with rocks and debris, Doherty said.

Police on Tuesday discovered the bodies of former television reporter Jesse Baird, 26, and his flight attendant partner Luke Davies, 29, who were allegedly shot dead in Baird’s Sydney home on Monday last week.

Organizers of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, which is set to take place this Saturday, have requested that New South Wales police not march in it as planned, saying it could add to the distress within our communities.

“Our community needs space to grieve the loss of Jesse and Luke who, before this tragedy, would have been here celebrating with us at the Festival,” they said in a statement on Monday, adding that the officer accused in their deaths had participated in the parade in the past.

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