Sam Sodje Serenades JJ Okocha At 50

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

FORMER football international and Nigeria’s Super Eagles defender, Sam Sodje, has felicitated his fellow compatriot and former Eintracht Frankfurt, attacking midfielder, Austin Jay Jay Okocha as he clocks 50.

In a statement on Tuesday, Sodje, who’s the immediate past Special Adviser to former Governor Ifeanyi Okowa on Sports, extolled the virtues of former Paris Saint-Germain F.C. player.

The remarks about the former Porthmouth Football Club, who made exploits for over 15 years across major English clubs, reads in part:

“My Dearest Austin Jay Jay Okocha,
a resplendent day of birth felicitations to you, a luminary of the football realm and a paragon of Nigeria’s athletic heritage.

“With the changing of the seasonal tides, we converge once more to honour the golden anniversary of your existence, and I, as a fellow traveler in the Super Eagles’ journey, feel compelled to articulate my sentiments of admiration and camaraderie.

“Your eminence on the field, a tapestry woven from dexterous footwork, strategic finesse, and an uncanny ability to orchestrate the ebb and flow of the game, remains an artistry that commands veneration.

“Each touch, each manoeuvre, an ode to mastery and a symphony to the aficionado’s soul. You transfigured football into a choreography of excellence, dazzling spectators across continents and engraving your name in the annals of sporting history.

“Yet, Austin, it is not solely your sporting prowess that garners adulation. Rather, it is your magnanimity, your sagacity, and your stewardship that evoke awe.

“Within the crucible of competition, you exuded not only the tenacity of a true competitor, but the amiable humility of a sagacious poise of a statesman.

“Your resonance extended beyond the pitch, weaving through the fabric of camaraderie that defines the Super Eagles fraternity.

“As the sands of time inexorably sift, this juncture invites us to cast a retrospective gaze upon your journey, a journey marked by milestones, struggles, and triumphs.

“Let this day be a reflection of the joy you’ve gifted to countless hearts and the inspiration you’ve imparted to aspiring athletes.

“As you traverse the continuum of existence, may your path be illuminated by the effulgence of fulfillment, prosperity, and the unwavering support of those who hold you in the highest esteem.

“May the chapters yet unwritten be graced with opulence, and may the pages of your legacy continue to be penned with distinction.”

Stonix News reports that Okocha brought his many years of experience to bear when he led the Delta Football Association, (DFA) from 2015 to 2019.

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