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Search For The Body Of 5-Year-Old Boy Swept By Floodwaters Continues

Michael Chukwuebuka, Reporting

The tragedy continued just like any other day since a 5-year-old boy was swept away in raging floodwaters while his mom drove him to school in California, the week started with his family and rescue teams, tirelessly searching for his body.

Stonix News gathered that a heavy rain storm had been ravaging the city of California over the last two weeks and contributed to 17 deaths and destruction of properties.

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Kyle was on his way to Lillian Larsen Elementary School in San Miguel, California, alongside his mom, Lindsy, when a rainstorm caused their car to hit a dip in the road and began to drift into the torrent that breached the banks of San Marcos Creek.

According to reports, the car crashed into a tree and began filling with water.

As the water poured into the car, Lindsy told her son, Kyle, to unbuckle his seat belt so they could escape, as she clung to a tree branch by the car with one hand and reached for her son with the other.

Unfortunately, the heavy flooding swept Kyle away as she screamed for help.

“The water was really rough, so the water was splashing into my face and the current was dragging me down.

“Kyle was drifting down the river, and i could see his head bobbing on the top of the river,” she told Los Angeles reporters.

A rescue operation for Kyle continued in San Luis Obispo County, as crews: K-9 units and divers were brought in from surrounding countries to help navigate the floodwaters.

San Luis Obispo sheriff’s spokesperson, Grace Norris said:

“We continue to hope for the best”

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