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Stop Being Lazy, Come To Holy Ghost Service, Win Souls For Christ, Adeboye Charges RCCG Members 

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

With Covid-19 subsiding in Nigeria and other parts of the world, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye has charged members of the church to return to winning ways, attend the monthly Holy Ghost Services as well as win souls for Christ.

The octogenarian gave the admonitions on Saturday during the May Holy Ghost Service at the 3×3 Auditorium, Simawa, Redemption Camp, Ogun State, Nigeria.

He said while it was understandable that members, who were miles away from the camp could depend on virtual participation, those who lived around the camp should endeavour to always attend the services.

Though God is omnipresent and can reach anyone anywhere virtually, the Ifewara-born cleric said God, however, usually showed particular concern and attention to those actually present at a gathering of Him.

Adeboye, who ministered on the theme: Open Door, urged attendees to shake off laziness, stop hinging their excuses on receding Covid-19 and begin to attend services at the anointed camp, once again.

The cleric, who last week bagged an honourary Doctor of Divinity (PhD) from the prestigious Oral Roberts University of Theology, USA, also urged congregants to always rejoice when asked to give an offering unto God.

Excerpts of his three-point admonition read thus:

“If you look to your right and look to your left, you will see quite a few people. And if ask everybody to shout Hallelujah for example, and you’re the only one who decided you’re not going to shout, who is going to notice that you didn’t shout?

“So what I’m about to say therefore is for your own good.

Many of us now, under the excuse of Corona Virus, have become lazy.

“We just want to sit down at home and watch the programme. Watching the programme at home is fine; but my concern is, there are occasions where God will speak and say that they is someone here and by ‘here,’ He means Redemption Camp.

“I can’t be stopping and explaining to you that this one is for those who are for Redemption Camp.

“If there is a time that God wants to attend to your case, and he said ‘there’s someone here,’ and He knows people who are there.

“If He knows that you are far away from this place and that it is your laziness that has kept you at home, God have mercy.

“If you refuse to come tonight for example, who is going to notice your absence? If the overflow and the main auditorium are full and you are absent, who is going to be the loser?

“If God said ‘there’s is someone here,’ by here he means Redemption Camp and you sit down at home drinking tea….

“Wake up my brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters! One night in a month should not be too much a sacrifice for you to make for your God.

“Each time God gives us a dream, it is because he wants to do something special in the life of someone.

“Don’t let laziness rob you of your blessing; that is the point I’m making.

“There’s another testimony of someone whose fate has already been sealed. He has been in the service for 25 years and he was about to end everything when the Almighty God spoke; and he was right on the spot to receive.

“I beg you, we don’t come to the Holy Ghost Service to joke. It’s not for fun. We come here to meet with God. It started in 1986 and still growing strong; it is because God is here. Come and meet him. That is point number one.

“Point number two: There’s no need giving an offering to God that God is not going to accept. I don’t want you to waste your money. I’m not interested in Naira and Kobo. I’m interested in your well-being; I want it to be well with you.

“They announced that it was time for us to give our offering and everywhere was quiet. God is not a beggar. He says clearly in his word ‘God loves a cheerful giver.’

“If you can’t rejoice, jump and clap when they say ‘it’s offering time,’ keep your money in your pocket and use it to buy food. Because if we don’t give cheerfully, there’s not going to be any result.

“So from now on whenever they say ‘it is offering time’ and you’re not ready to rejoice, keep your money.

“Point number three: The reason God did not take you away to heaven the point you got born again (because when you got born again, the way to heaven is open and you can go) is so that you can win souls.

“He said that you have not chosen him, but He has chosen you that you may go and bring forth fruits.

“So, if you have been born again and you are not winning souls, you will be surprised that when you die, you would knock at the door several times and it will not be opened.

“And if they don’t open the door of Heaven, there’s another place where they do not close the door and that’s Hell. The door of Hell is never closed and you don’t have to knock to enter.

“Wake up! Every blessed day you must witness, you must try to win souls.

“He didn’t say you have to be the Redeemer, all you have to do is to tell them about Jesus, that’s all. Tell them Jesus saves. Tell them Jesus loves you. Nobody can slap you if you say it.

“Nobody will get angry when you say ‘I know Somebody who can heal you, solve your problems. They don’t fight for that so why are you holding back?

“You must win souls on a daily basis, every day for the rest of your life.

“A friend of mine, a first-class traditional ruler, called me and said that he thought he was getting ready to go home. He wasn’t young, he was over 80yrs old, which means he was old.

“I told him that he was not going anywhere and he asked me ‘why?’ I said if he went like that, God would throw him to Hell and he was shocked.

“I asked him how many Kabieyesis (kings) had gotten born again through him since he got born again?

“I told him he was supposed to bear fruits after his own kind. I told him there were doors that could be opened only to you because of your position.

“He asked me what he was going to do and I told him to tell people of his class about Jesus Christ.

“The following month, he begged me to follow him to one of the highest rulers in the land. When we got there, the other traditional ruler had prepared a feast; but he told him that we were not there to eat but to tell him about somebody that can take him to heaven.

“That day, he won his first soul and he got home rejoicing like nobody’s business. You must win souls.”

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