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Thai Police, U.S. Forces Bust International Cybercrime Gang, Recover Multimillion Dollar Worth Of Properties

Micheal Chukwuebuka, Reporting

THAILAND police, on Wednesday, said they busted an international gang that operate call centers to deceive older Americans into wiring them money.

The cybercrime gang, prior to their arrest, had netted more than 3 billion baht ($87 million), according to the police.

The 21 suspects were arrested on Tuesday after a joint operatives of the country’s military personnels alongside U.S. forces, raided nine locations in four Thai provinces, seizing 162 bank accounts, 61 mobile phones, multiple real estate properties, two cars and a shotgun.

Stonix News learnt that the suspects claimed to be law enforcement agents investigating money laundering and told victims their funds were suspicious so needed to be transferred to them for verification.

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Also, the suspects hacked some victims’ computers, thereby gaining accesses to their bank private informations.

Police also confirmed that most of the victims were elderly doctors, businesspeople, professors, army personnels, and dentists.

During investigations, authorities tracked the gang’s money and found it had been laundered through gold shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues in Chonburi province, few miles southeast of Bangkok.

The syndicate was led by Indians with assets hidden in Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland and Thailand.

The suspects, which included: five Indian nationals and 15 Thais, have been charged with involvement in transnational crime, fraud by impersonating others, fraud of the people, inputting false information into computer systems that causes damage to others, money laundering and conspiring to launder money.

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