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Top Prosecutor Convicted On One Count Of Mortgage Fraud

Micheal Chukwuebuka, Reporting 

A former top prosecutor for the city of Baltimore, on Tuesday, was convicted on one count of mortgage fraud, concluding a lengthy criminal trial in which Marilyn Mosby testified she made false statements on loan applications to buy two Florida vacation homes.

According to the Baltimore Sun report, the jury announced a split verdict Tuesday evening after deliberating most of the day, finding Mosby not guilty on a second mortgage fraud charge.

Recall that she was previously convicted on two counts of perjury in a separate criminal trial that took place in November.

Stonix News learnt that she hasn’t been sentenced in either case.

Our source, NBC News, stated in a report that the federal criminal charges stemmed from allegations that Mosby claimed a pandemic-related hardship to make early withdrawals from her retirement account, then used that money for down payments on the Florida properties.

Prosecutors alleged she repeatedly lied on the mortgage applications.

Mosby served two terms as state’s attorney for Baltimore, earning a national profile for her progressive policies and several high-profile decisions.

She brought charges against police officers involved in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, which ignited widespread protest against police brutality.

She lost re-election in 2022 after being indicted by a federal grand jury.

Her mortgage fraud trial began in mid-January and was moved from Baltimore to Greenbelt, Maryland, over concerns potential jurors may have been biased by extensive media coverage of the case.

Marilyn Mosby testified that she didn’t Intentional make any false statements and signed the loan applications in good faith.

Having never bought a property before, she said she trusted real estate professionals and her husband during a stressful time.

According to prosecutors, Mosby’s failure to disclose that debt on her loan applications contributed to the mortgage fraud charges.

Prosecutors also alleged that she lied about receiving a $5,000 gift from her ex-husband, which allowed her to secure a lower interest rate.

According to The Sun, the purported gift, which prosecutors traced back to her own account, is what led to her conviction.

In a perjury case, a different jury found Mosby lied about suffering financial losses so she could withdraw money from her retirement account.

Her defense condemned the prosecutions as rooted in political or racial animus, but a judge later found those assertions invalid.

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