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Uneasy Calm As Olu Of Warri Installs New Ologbotsere

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

UNEASY calm has enveloped Warri Kingdom as His Majesty, Ogiamé Atuwatse III, the Olu of Warri, has reportedly installed Chief Oma Eyewuoma as the new Ologbotsere of the kingdom.

Uneasy Calm As Olu Of Warri Installs New Ologbotsere

Ogiame consecrating the new Ologbotsere

But undaunted and embattled Ologbotsere, Chief Ayirimi Emami, in his earlier reaction before the installation, said his insignia of office – beads and sword – are intact and still with him as his ancestral heritage.

This followed an earlier summon by the Olu of Warri of the Ologbotsere dynasty to Aghofen (Palace) on Saturday where Chief Emami was, as it were, urged to submit his Ologbotsere regalia in exchange for a new title held by his late father which the former rejected.

However, until his new title, Chief Eyewuoma, the new Ologbotsere, was the Aboludero of Warri Kingdom.

Uneasy Calm As Olu Of Warri Installs New Ologbotsere

Chief Ayirimi Emami addressing the on Sunday

The installation ceremony took place earlier on Sunday at the Palace of the Olu with Palace Chiefs, the immediate past Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and other notable sons and daughters of Warri Kingdom in attendance.

The Aghófen Hall was said to be filled to capacity as everyone was curious of the agenda of the meeting.

Rumour had earlier had it that the Olu had a meeting on Saturday with Chief Emami and there were speculations after the meeting that the Olu had resolved to reinstate him as Ologbotsere.

It was gathered that after the installation of Chief Eyewuoma as the new Ologbotsere, His Majesty, Ogiamé Atuwatse III announced a new title to be conferred on Chief Emami who reportedly declined and walked out of the palace.

Uneasy Calm As Olu Of Warri Installs New Ologbotsere

The original Ologbotsere sword still intact and in possession of Chief Emami

Narrating the drama that ensued himself, Chief Emami said at his house in Warri on Sunday that his original beads and sword, authenticating him as the ‘Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom’ were still intact, despite the presentation of a bead and sword to the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III at the Olu Palace, Warri, in the presence of a huge crowd of Itsekiri sons and daughters.

Chief Emami, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) had staged a walkout from the Olu Palace, alongside many Ologbotsere descendants, after he had declined the Olu of Warri’s Greek Gift, as it were, of accepting his late father’s title ‘Eyeku’.

He told a gathering of Ologbotsere descendants and journalists at the Ologbotsere Hall in his home at Egbokodo-Itsekiri, Warri, that the incident at the Olu palace, was nothing, but joy to him for many reasons, including a biblical reference Papa Ayo Oritsejafor illustrated on Friday April 14, during the peace meeting at the palace, “when he said if the Devil knew that Jesus Christ would be celebrated, they wouldn’t have killed him.”

Chief Emami, who spoke in Itsekiri language, stated that: “Those that asked me to honour invitation of the Ogiame knew they wanted to kill me, but if I had not honoured the invitation, they would have said I do not want the blessings of Itsekiri.

“You guys should not worry yourselves, what wants blood, if you give it palm oil, it will not take it. Today is a day of joy for so many reasons.

“When they said the king sent for me, many said I should not go, some said I should go. He that is in me is greater.

“People that said I should honour the invitation are more than those that said I shouldn’t honour it. Those that advised me to go to the palace, said if I go, there will be peace in Itsekiri land and I hold issues concerning Itsekiri in high esteem.

“When he (the king) called me, he told me of the dream he had about Ikenwoli (the transited Olu of Warri) and what Ikenwoli did.

“Anytime the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, meets me, he always advised me to go and see the Olu of Warri.

“He told me to forget about ancestors and go to the King, that was exactly what I did. Even Oba of Benin spoke about the issue.

“The wife of Ologbotsere, is the eyes of Ologbotsere. My wife called me and advised that I should not carry my original beads and sword to the Palace today.

“These three beads; bead of Atuwaste II, my late father and that of Ikenwoli, are my inheritance, I did not buy them. Have you seen me with one bead before?”

Earlier, Atuwatse 111 at the palace before hundreds of sons and daughters of the Warri kingdom said that he was not interested in what would divide the Iwere nation.

Ogiame noted that he had had several dreams on the issues hence the move to reconcile with the Ologbotsere family.

He had urged Emami to take the ‘Eyela’ title and continue to work in the interest of the Itsekiri nation which Emami had declined.

The monarch, in a long speech during the installation of the new Ologbotsere, emphasized his superiority as king over Iwereland, disclosing that he understood from series of dreams he had had that Emami should bear his father’s title.

“Ogiame does not have an enemy”, he said, “the beads on the neck of our chiefs are properties of Ogiame.

“The title that all our chiefs bear are at the prerogative of Ogiame.

As far as Warri kingdom is concerned, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.

“True reconciliation will not be forced on Ogiame. There is no son or daughter of Itsekiri that will hold this throne to ransom and so the terms of reconciliation will be determined by Ogiame.

“The reason we are doing this publicly is a divine one. I have struggled, resisted trying to come down and be vulnerable before my people. It is not an easy thing to do,” he asserted.

Recall that the monarch had, on October 5, 2021, announced the derobing of the (then) embattled Ologbotsere of Warri, Chief Emami at a ceremony held in his palace.

The pronouncement had since put an abrupt end to Ayiri’s reign as Ologbotsere in Warri Kingdom, a situation that has not gone down well with most members of the Ologbotsere dynasty.

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