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UNICEF Laments Devastating Situations Of Over 2.5m Children In Pakistan, Calls For More Donors 

Micheal Chukwuebuka, Reporting

THE United Nations children’s agency has warned that after last summer’s floods, approximately 10 million people in Pakistan, including children, still live in affected areas without access to safe drinking water.

UNICEF, in a statement, underlined the devastating situation in impoverished Pakistan: a country with a population of about 220 million people still struggling with the consequences of flooding.

Prior to the flooding in June last year, water from only 36% of Pakistan’s water system, according to the agency, was considered safe for human consumption.

The floods reportedly damaged most of the country’s pipelines systems in affected areas, forcing over 5.4 million people, 2.5 million children inclusive, to rely solely on contaminated water from wells and ponds.

UNICEF representative in Pakistan, Abdullah Fadil, lamented:

“Safe drinking water is not a privilege, it is a basic human right.

“Yet, every day, millions of girls and boys in Pakistan are fighting a losing battle against preventable waterborne disease and the consequential malnutrition.

“We need the continued support of our donors to provide safe water, build toilets and deliver vital sanitation services to these children and families who need them the most.”

The floods caused more than thirty billion U.S. dollars ($30b) in damages as large swaths of the country remained under water for months, thereby forcing millions to live in tents or make homes near stagnant waters that led to the spread of waterborne diseases.

UNICEF gave the warning ahead of Wednesday’s World Water Day, as part of global efforts to highlight the importance of fresh water and advocate for sustainable management of the vital resource.

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