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UPDATE: Warri Lady Whose Boyfriend Committed Suicide Has Allegedly Aborted Thrice

Rita Enemuru, Reporting 

NEW findings have revealed that the lady (Ejiro), whose boyfriend committed suicide last Wednesday, has allegedly aborted three pregnancies in the course of their 13 years relationship.

Stonix News had reported that one Ese Daniel elected to drinking sniper insecticide on Wednesday, September 14, because his girlfriend left him for another man.

Stonix News was at the compound where the unfortunate incident happened on Friday morning to get more details on the incident.

When our reporter got to Obahor Street, Warri, Warri Local Government Area of Delta State, it the atmosphere still reeked of the sadness two days after it happened.

Accosting some neighbours of the compound, our reporter was turned down as none of the residents wanted to speak on the issue.

She, however, got lucky as one tailor, who has been doing her craft in the compound for the past nine years, narrated in details what she knew and has witnessed between the couple under condition of anonymity.

Mrs Grace (not real name) said that she met the guy and the lady in the relationship when she moved into the compound in 2014 and since then, she has noticed that Ejiro has been pregnant twice without the pregnancy developing.

Though they were both nice persons, she said Ese always took to battering Ejiro under loud music whenever he was provoked.

She described their relationship as that of Romeo and Juliet because no matter the misunderstanding, Ejiro always found her way back to Ese after their issues.

“I moved here in 2014 and met both of them in the relationship, but I don’t know how long they’ve been dating before I moved in and I have been here for more than nine years.

“The girl and the guy are very nice people, but the only thing is that the relationship is too long.

“In 2015, I noticed she took in (she was pregnant) twice. Both of them were like Romeo and Juliet. They would fight, the lady would move out and after some time, they would settle.

“What transpired was that he said he heard last week that the girl wanted to marry someone else.

“He confided in five people, narrating what the lady did. Those people advised him to take his mind off it.

“It was on Thursday that one of our neighbours came out panicking that Ese Daniel locked his door from the inside and he hasn’t come out.

“It was when neighbours were calling out his name without response, that some people broke the door and met him dead with a bottle of the sniper by his side.

“During the time they were together, their relatives were coming to see them so I’m not sure if they had family issues.

“When the lady lost her mother some years ago, we thought that that would prompt the guy to pay her bride price; but there was nothing like that.

“I also know that the guy used to beat the lady. If he wanted to beat her, he would put his music player on the loudest speaker,” she narrated.

Another lady, a resident of the compound who still pleaded to speak anonymously, also affirmed that the relationship was always on and off.

According to her, their recent issues was based on the fact that Ese was always asking Ejiro to give him a child, but she refused, insisting that she wanted her bride price paid first.

She said; “I came to this compound about four years ago and met them in a relationship.

“They usually have misunderstandings most of the time; So, it got to a time that the guy was asking the lady to get pregnant for him, the lady said she couldn’t after the ones she had aborted.

“She told him plainly to pay her bride price before he would get pregnant, again.

“There was a time they had issues and the lady left again. Some of the guy’s friends were advising him to look for someone else, but after some time, they settled and the lady moved in again.

“Before Ese left, I asked her why she was having issues with Daniel about pregnancy and she told me categorically that she has aborted three pregnancies before because he was not ready.

“Some months ago, it seemed the lady found work somewhere and was working there. So, sometimes, she would come pick few of her things and leave, not knowing that she was moving her things little by little from the guy’s house.

“It was last Sunday we heard that the lady brought wedding card and gave to someone, he found out and told me about it.

“I then told him to forget about it. Everybody was talking to him since the day it happened, but he didn’t listen.

“Daniel told me that he went to the lady’s cousin’s place to ask about the wedding news and the sister confirmed to him that it was true that he should let go.

“I was the one that noticed and raised the alarm that his door was locked from inside.

“During one of our conversations I asked the guy why he hadn’t paid the bride price of the lady and he said there was no money at hand.”

Asking if any of them has Ejiro’s number so that she could be contacted to hear her side of the story, they answered in the negation.

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