(+VIDEOS) Scores Of Pigs Crushed As Truck Crashes On Deplorable Warri-Benin Expressway

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

SEVEN trucks laden with live pigs belonging to some farmers, on Saturday, got stuck on the deplorable spots of the nightmarish Warri-Benin Expressway, with scores of pigs dying in the process.

One of the trucks crashed on the Sapele Warri axis of the highway with several of live pigs mangled and scores straying into the bush as stranded commuters scampered to safety.

In two videos obtained by Stonix News late Saturday, owners of one of the pigs loaded in a truck for onward sale in the South South were slaughtering the already suffocated pigs.

Farmers conveying the farm products from the South West to the South South for sales are said to be developing high blood pressure due to the huge losses hanging on their neck.

Stonix News gathered late Saturday that having been stuck for many hours and several of pigs dying inside the trucks, the owners had to begin to slash off their throats right inside the trucks.

Two video footages sent to Stonix News revealed a man slaughtering dead pigs in a truck while mangled pigs were seen in the ill-fated truck with the pigs alive snorting into the woods.

“It was Warri road close to Sapele; that road is so bad. I was there since morning and were only able to moved around 5:00p.m.

“The pigs were already dead; they just butchered it so it wouldn’t just be left in the ground like that.

“The trucks they loaded were around seven big trucks fully loaded.

“Driving through this particular place was hell. I even joined in controlling the vehicles,” a commuter who experienced the ugly situation noted.

A farmer, who was affected by the deplorable state of the road, while giving update to Stonix News, said the pigs-laden truck which had an accident fell off the road along Warri-Sapele road.

Stonix News reports that despite linking virtually all states in the oil-producing Niger Delta, the Federal Government of Nigeria has, over the last 15 years, abandoned the very critical Benin-Warri expressway to rot away.

Besides man-hours being daily lost by commuters, many lives and goods have been maimed or killed and destroyed in the course of plying the route.

The previous government of President Muhammadu Buhari, in spite of its focus on road infrastructure, did nothing about the road linking the states which anchor the oil economy of the country.

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