(VIDEO: Viewers Discretion Advised) Man Goes Stark Naked In Banking Hall Over Withheld Funds 

A middle aged man is caught in camera stark naked in a banking hall, crying and requesting his money to go cater for his family. 

The banking hall appears deserted with no sight of any female but make staffers behind the counters who look forlorn at the display of the man.

The man is overheard mentioning N120,000 as his deposit, crying at the top of his voice for the release of his money.

At a point he requested he should be shot dead in order to escape seeing his wife and children suffer while he’s alive. “Give me my money and let me go,” he yelled, sobbing.

His pair of footware is seen on the floor of the banking hall and after much screaming, a uniform police man is seen ushering him to the office of the manager where he’s enjoined to wear his clothes in order to be attended to.

The man’s case might not be unconnected to the current hell-on-earth debacle created by the CBN’s redesigned Naira notes in October last year.

The apex bank had asked Nigerians to return their old Naira bills of N200, N500 and N1000 notes in exchange for the new notes.

No sooner Nigerians deposited their old Naira notes in their banks following an initial January 31 deadline, than banks began to footdrag in supplying Nigerians with the new bills in back ATM outlets.

The accompanying chaotic situation has led to pockets of peaceful and violent protests in some parts of the country on Friday and previous day’s.


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