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Vigilante Dismissed For Stealing 3 Wraps Of Starch

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

A member of a local vigilance group has been dismissed and de-kitted for allegedly stealing three wraps of starch at Ugberikoko, Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

Stonix News reports that starch is a solid food made from cassava which is swallowed with soup and very common among indigenes of Delta. 

Stonix News gathered that the suspect, who was a member of Unit 19 Vigilante Group at Ugberikoko, came to a local restaurant with a wrap of starch to buy food.

While the attendants were attending to him, he stole three other wraps of starch and an alarm was raised, but he swiftly bolted away.

The shameful incident was reportedly relayed to the vigilance group commander in the area who traced and apprehended the suspect.

Speaking to journalists, one Commander Sule, said to be in charge of Unit 19 at Ugberikoko, said when he got the news, he swung into action, lamenting that the good name of the security group was being dragged in the mud.

Sule said that though the offence appeared negligible, it should, however, not be mentioned among members of the vigilante group.

He added that there had been cases of petty stealing of that sort in the area, stressing that if a drastic action was not taken, people would begin to link such nefarious activities with members of the vigilance group.

Commander Sule, thereafter, de-kitted the culprit, whose name  was kept in the wraps, and informed the public that the dismissed suspect was no longer one of them and should not be seen carrying out activities that pertain to the vigilance group thenceforth.

Justifying his disciplinary measures, Sule further said the harsh decision was to send a strong signal to others that the vigilance group would not tolerate criminality within its rank.

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