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FOR guys who desire to marry a good wife, below are 12 characteristics listed out to help in the search by Reno Omokri, former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan.

He also dropped 10 features a lady should look out for in a woman in the non-exhaustive write-up.

1. She is physically attractive to you. As in, she is your spec.

2. She shares the same faith as you. Marriage outside your religion proves you do not believe your beliefs
3. Gives you love, not romance
4. She does not need you for finance or anything else. She is with you because she wants you
5. You can argue with her without the argument becoming a fight
6. She has high relevance and is not high maintenance
7. She has her own independent, legal and provable source of income
8. Her relationship does not break when you are broke
9. Her human hair weave-on is not her most expensive asset
10. She encourages you to save instead of taking her out to eat all the time
11. She is not insecure and does not check your phone. If she has issues, she confronts you directly
12. She knows how to pray, play, slay and stay

If she has these features, then consider making her your future.

And if you are a woman, you should know these ten things about him:

1. His HIV status
2. How much he earns
3. How he reacts when angry
4. How he acts when hurt
5. His religious convictions (you will be surprised)
6. Whether he has the capacity to forgive
7. His attitude to polygamy
8. His expectations from and of in-laws
9. Whether he has children from previous relationships (you will be surprised)
10. If he is the first born, would his siblings move in with you and him

If you don’t know the answers to these, you neither know him nor are ready for marriage to him.

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