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We’ll Banish Ethnic Discrimination, Apologise To All Victims Of Brutality – Obi 

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

THE presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, says his government will bring an end to ethnicity while the Nigerian passport will regain its value in the comity of currencies across the globe.

He also said his government will profusely apologise to all victims of police brutality, if elected in the highly anticipated February 25 poll.

Peter Obi Supporters

Obi made the vows before his teeming supporters on Saturday during his final campaign rally in Lagos State held at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Onikan.

“We will apologise to all those who are victims of police brutality.

“All those who have suffered in the hands of government, we will apologise to them.

“We will make sure that it never happens again. Nigeria will be a peaceful country,” he enthused amid a mammoth crowd.

According to him, the country’s security agents will no longer be used for harassment.

“Police will not harass anybody; they will be your care because we’re going to train those (sic) on how to do policing,” he promised.

Obi added that the law enforcement agencies would be equipped and more trained personnel recruited.

“The police will be a friend, not an enemy. They will do the work of policing. We will not have all these problems we have,” he enthused.

We'll Banish Ethnic Discrimination, Apologise To All Victims Of Brutality - Obi 

The massive crowd of supporters

The 61-year-old candidate vowed to ensure the supremacy of the rule of law and order, while the country’s security and unity would be paramount.

“No Nigerian will be ethnocentric but a Nigerian. We want Nigerians to celebrate their passport,” he said.

He also assured voters of a free press that would be allowed to “criticise what we’re doing.”

Stonix News reports that Obi’s promises are underway barely two years after the October 2020 protests that garnered international attention.

The call to action tagged #EndSARS saw thousands of Nigerians across the country demanding extensive police reforms.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate of the LP has derided the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for its mismanagement of the economy.

He said the number of people plunged into poverty by the APC had risen from 65 million before coming into power in 2015 to 85 million about seven years after.

He accused the APC-led government of manufacturing poverty, joblessness, university lecturers’ strikes, and “one form of suffering or the other.”

Obi promised to increase the nation’s reserves through agriculture and stability of the currency.

The former Anambra State governor said if elected, his administration would work hard to secure people from poverty, moving Nigeria from consumption to production.

“Lagos will remain the centre of excellence and finance,” he said, adding: “Nigeria has all the endowment to be a great country.”

According to him, under an Obi administration, there will be an enabling environment for businesses and “our gas will be developed to give more money than oil.”

He added that his government will support the youth for enterprise, Whiley “Our achievement will be measurable.”

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