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Why I’m Enthroned As Soun Of Ogbomoso – HIM Ghandi Olaoye

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

BRAND new Soun of Ogbomoso land, Orumogege 11, His Imperial Majesty, Orumogege 111, Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye, says he’s enthroned king to bring meaningful development and progress to his people.

The erstwhile ordained Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) who was based in USA therefore appealed to indigenes of the kingdom to join hands together with him on the task to usher in progress to the land.

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Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye

He disclosed these on Thursday during his official resumption at his palace amid a mammoth crowd from all walks of life including Gboko-based ace preacher and teacher, Bro. Gbile Akanni.

Oba Olaoye, who was installed on the 8th of September, was in seclusion for seven days.

The joyous gathering had started with praise and worship led by Gospel Musician, Laolu Gbenjo, amid tumultuous dancing and thanksgiving to God for the success of the coronation and seclusion of the new king.

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The crowd

In his maiden speech shortly after returning from Ipebi (seclusion), the monarch rolled out his guiding philosophies, intentions and missions.

Hear him: “A new light has come. Something new and good has befallen Ogbomoso land. The new throne is not the type you’ve seen before.

“Many of us know what has been happening before and what we’ve been through to get where we’re today.

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Brother Gbile Akanni

“Those who are still angry, let us join hands together for the progress and development of Ogbomoso. God will help us. Let’s unite; don’t let’s scatter the land.

“We shall fix the town. God Almighty sent me here to work for the good of three land. He sent me to work for the good of the land. He sent me to work for the progress of the land.

“Like the priest said, we’ve not come to be king in order to amass wealth. No! We’ve gotten wealth before coming here. We’ve not come because we needed a name. God has already given us a name before we came here.

“We’ve come to reposition Ogbomoso and place her on the pedestal of progress envisaged by our ancestors. We’re bringing in the uniqueness Ogbomoso land was known for such that wherever people see Ogbomoso indigenes, they’d envy us.

“The work we’ve come to do has begun today. The development of the land has begun today. The glory of Ogbomoso has begun today. You people will see the difference. We will see it and not just imagine it.

“There’d be plenty job opportunities. God will give us plenty jobs. I don’t talk much. You’ll see actions. But let’s unite for the progress of Ogbomoso.”

Shortly after his maiden speech, the Soun of Ogbomoso land took his majestic seat and renowned Bro Gbile Akanni, who was clad in simple Ankara wear, read Deuteronomy 17: 17-20 after praying and paying homage to the king for the solid backing of the King of kings.

Ogbomoso council of chiefs, several clerics from different demomitions including the President of Baptist Convention among others were present at the unveiling.

He corroborated the fact that after the demise of the last Soun of Ogbomoso, the king makers and everyone concerned with the selection of a new king religiously followed the extant tradition and laws.

He said it was God that chose the new Soun of Ogbomoso and the people have also made him their choice, which, he said, was in line with even the Scriptures.

“Whom God has chosen is our choice. We mustn’t recant on this. Ogbomoso land will not go down,” the fiery preacher prayed.

Taking his admonition from Deuteronomy 17: 17-20, he acknowledged the king as a brother and bona fide prince from Olaoye dynasty, and that God has ordained him to be king as confirmed in the place of prayer.

He urged the king and the people to move forward and not draw back into reverie just as he admonished the king to eschew avarice in the areas of taking more wives or riches for himself at the expense of the people.

Pastor Akanni, who in the course of his message, handed a new Bible to the new king, urged him to be guided by the word of God daily in order to stand firm and lead the people aright.

Other dignitaries at the event included Aare Ago of Ogbomoso Chief Samuel Otolorin and Dr Saka Balogun among others.

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