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Is Adeboye’s So-Much-Touted Humility Not Mere Pretence? Read The Verdict Of An RCCG Pastor

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

Birthday celebrant, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has received so much accolades from both Christians and non-Christians as regards his down-to-earth humility.

Pastor Ezekiel Olukahunsi

Could the reverred cleric just be making it up all these years?

For Pastor Ezekiel Olukahunsi, who’s the Pastor in charge of Delta Province 2, Adeboye’s humility is genuine, divine and second-to-none.

Hear him: “We thank God for the life of Baba E.A. Adeboye. Baba has been a source of inspiration to so many of us and by the Grace of God, I stayed closer to him when I was in Jos from 2001-2010, because he used to come to Jos from time to time and by chance, I was in charge of his compound during that period.

“One thing that I discovered in the life of Baba is humility. His humility did not just start today and he doesn’t want to know if you’re high or small; if he is calling you to request something from you, he will put sir (Excuse me sir, thank you sir, can you help me do this sir”)

“It’s not pretence, but just his regenerated nature. We learn a lot from his humility. He is also somebody that doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer because he is a goal-getter. Once he sends you an errand, he wants you to deliver because he believes that with God all things are possible, and that is what he is holding on to.

“He is a wonderful man that God made by Himself and we only find this kind of individuals once in a lifetime. At 80, he is still moving around and that is a challenge to everyone of us that are coming up.”

Stonix News reports that Daddy GO hits the landmark 80 years of age today March 2, 2022.


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