(+VIDEO) You Either Negotiate With Us Or We Kill Those In Our Captivity, Kaduna-Bound Train Terrorists Warn FG

Muhammed Abubakar, Reporting

Terrorists suspected to be members of the Ansaru faction of Boko Haram have released a video of the embattled Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Alh Alwan Hassan on Wednesday night.

The video is believed to have been recorded minutes before the MD was set free by the terrorists.

The leader of the group is heard calling on the Federal Government to negotiate with them or be confronted with the gory of the captives.

The leader, however, does not specify their demands from the Federal Government.

Stonix News, however, gathered that many of the terrorists‘ leaders are currently under the incarceration of the government.

Thus, the released video is a way of expressing their disenchantment over the continued detention of their leaders as well as to tell the world they are behind last week’s train attack on Abuja/Kaduna route .

The viral video, which shows the MD of the BOA in white kaftan, was flanked by four members of the group who were all wearing camouflage and turbans holding AK 47 rifles.

One of the members of the group, who speaks in Hausa, starts with Praises of Allah and began in Hausa, “We are the ones who abducted these people on the train.

“We decided to release this man because of the honour of the month of Ramadan and he is old.”

The speaker, who appears to be the leader of the group, further remarks that the MD of the Bank of Agriculture has been pleading for his release since they abducted him last week.

“The government should know that the train attack is just a little of what we can do.

“We would let this captive about to be released to speak, if he has something to say,” he said.

The MD, who also spoke in Hausa said, “I was allowed to go because of my age. But I have left several abductees behind.

“The FG needs to look for the leaders of this group to negotiate the release of the other captives.

“The situation is bad and those who are still in captivity need immediate assistance,” the freed abductee noted.

The leader of the group then adds, “We don’t need your money. The government has to come and speak with us. You know what we need or else those with us will be we turned into an abattoir. Killing them is.nothing to us.”

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