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Insecurity: Don’t Let Us Deceive Ourselves, We’re At War – Adeboye 

Ola ‘Kiya, Reporting

THE General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has reaffirmed that given the state of insecurity in Nigeria, the country is certainly at war.

He made the reaffirmation on Saturday morning during one of the sessions of the ongoing Ministers’ Conference heralding the 2022 Annual Convention of the mission which commences on Monday August 8.

Stonix News reports that the Ministers Conference started on Thursday evening ahead of the convention titled “Perfect Jubilee” which commences August 8 and ends August 14.

According to him, the parlous state of security of the country is evident in the endorsement of citizens of Zamfara State government to bear arms for self defence.

Adeboye reiterated his call on members of RCCG and the Body of Christ in Nigeria to arm themselves with a jawbone of an ass like biblical Samson, saying no injunction in the scriptures was against self-defence.

He described the Federal Government as helpless in tackling the situation in spite of several meetings the president has held with security heads which, he said, have not yielded expected results..

“Don’t let’s deceive ourselves. We’re at war. Zamfara government gave the go-ahead to citizens to arm themselves. Only a fool won’t understand that we’re at war.

“We’re at war, we don’t have to depend on soldiers or police for protection.

“Don’t buy guns. Thou shall not kill. I have gone through the Scriptures. Nowhere is it written that ‘thou shall not defend yourself?’

“The Bible says if they slap you on the right and they slapped the left, the Bible is silent.

“They slapped the right cheek in Owo. They came inside the church and killed people. I waited for the Gov to send a battalion to go clear the forest in Ondo State, nothing happened.

“I waited for Amotekun to catch them, I didn’t hear anything. They slapped the right cheek, we were quiet. They began to kidnap bishops.

“Are we going to wait until they kidnap the General Overseer? God said watch before we pray. We don’t need guns. Samson did not use AK-47.

“You don’t need police permit to get a jawbone of an ass. In your vestry, their should be jawbone of asses.

“If police ask you what they are meant for, tell them it is for demonstrating in the Sunday School how Samson used a jawbone of an ass to kill thousands.

“If today they kidnap the Sultan of Sokoto, and CAN president, what will happen? The President will read a prepared speech to condemn the kidnappers in strong terms.

“He’d call a meeting of service chiefs and command them to go brace up. And it ends there.

“What do you want him to do at 80? To go get a rifle and head for the bush?

“Your subordinate can hold you captive as they’re doing Buhari. Pray for President Buhari. Learn to defend yourself,” the octogenarian admonished.

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