Diary of a Teacher (DoT) with Titilope Ogundele

DoT: My Confusion Over Career Choice

At the the senior secondary school, I needed to make a choice. I had to choose the class to go to: Arts, Commercial or Science. I wasn’t interested in going to the science class; my reason was quite funny though; I hated the smell of the hospital and with that I didn’t like anything about the science class.

Actually, I knew my destiny was in the Arts class but I detested the bias people have for that class. Hence, I went to the commercial class. But, you know what? I was lucky! As a commercial student, Literature-in-English; Government and Geography were part of my subjects. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRS) was the only Art subject I didn’t take. At that time, English language, Mathematics, Yoruba, Economics and Biology were compulsory subjects for all students.

Right in the commercial class, my preferred subjects were English Language. Literature-in-English and Government! I was naturally good at those subjects and I loved them.

At a point, I needed to change school due to some reasons. So, when I was in SS2; third term to be precise, I moved to another school. And I maintained my allegiance to the commercial class, I refused to go to the Arts class. Meanwhile, I used to join the Arts students whenever they had Literature-in-English. As for Government, I realised they were way behind in the syllabus; we had really gone far in my previous school. Hence, I didn’t bother to attend Government classes in my new school.

The peak of my confusion was when I was to register for the Senior Secondary School Exams: WASSCE and NECO. I registered for commercial subjects in WASSCE and registered for Arts subjects in NECO. But, trust me, I was smart. I made sure I registered Literature-in-English in both exams. For UTME, I registered for Art subjects: English language, Literature-in-English, Government and Christian Religious Studies. Remember I mentioned earlier that I knew my destiny was in Arts class.

Today, my discipline is in Arts. I eventually meandered my way back on track.


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